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  1. 2 out of 3 from the second place team on the road - that's how you win a division!
  2. Surprised they're having the UND night the same day as the Siouxper Swing in Detroit Lakes. I'll be golfing that day, but at the Twins games Friday and Saturday of that week, just missing a Hawks logoed Twinkies cap.
  3. Whiny? LOL - I stated that I didn't like the refs looking the other way on stuff that would be called all season. I said the Bruins are the better team, not even whether or not I was cheering for them. Your bias is severely coloring your take on my post. You can hate Boston, just like I hate Chicago (grew up a Northstar fan), and we can both exist just fine. Thought Boston should have been on a power play at that time it was scored. I think both teams have taken a lot of liberties, but if they play 7 times with regular season calls, Boston would win the series, IMO.
  4. Don't feel too bad about missing out - after the last series no one would take it. Honestly, if the refs don't change the rules for the finals (prime example being last night with the first goal that should never have happened), I think it would have been over in 5. Look at the blowout that happened when the refs called penalties. :shrug:
  5. You know it's bad when his team's fans don't even stand up for "Fat Phil." Insult Sidney, they'll lose it. Insult Malkin, they'll fight you. Let them talk long enough, they'll try to convince you Gretzky was only the second best player in the last 50 years. But there's little to no comment on Phil. At least in my experience. YMMV
  6. Tough game last night getting a little taste of their own medicine - gave up 5 runs on 4 HR to Cleveland. Hope for a nice bounce-back tonight -
  7. When they drop the next 3, this ^^ can be their participation banner
  8. When I worked downtown, it was known to our office as "Dog-Cat." Guess we missed on that one...
  9. It's also worth noting that the Force declined to make their last 3 picks of the draft. I believe this is a "just in case" flyer since he had a rougher U-18 than expected.
  10. After that bust of a game on Tuesday, it was nice to get another great pitching performance and another win last night. 2 out of 3 (so far) from the West leading Astros is a nice confidence booster!
  11. https://www.duluthnewstribune.com/sports/hockey/4603537-college-mens-hockey-shepard-return-bulldogs-senior-season-2019-20
  12. with the colors black and gold. Apparently a lot more Iowa transplants here than I thought - hopefully the logo doesn't become a direct Hawkeye ripoff.
  13. So, we go to the FF every year. Buffalo was the least appealing in a while, but a lot of those empty seats were in the corner where all of the Providence fans quickly and quietly left Thursday evening. I wish they'd have all sold their title game tickets to the scalpers - I don't support the practice, but at least someone might have been sitting there for the Saturday game. We used our off day to tour around much of the area - Finger Lakes, waterfalls, etc., and NY really does have a lot to offer. I left thinking it would look much better in a month than the grey and brown landscapes of April. Talking to a lot of the familiar faces from other fan bases, the overwhelming sentiment was that we'd all be very happy to have Tampa host every year, but Nashville came up a few times as well. A large chunk of the fans (most?) at these games aren't from the fan bases of the teams playing - or would be there regardless - so we're traveling no matter what. Giving us a more desirable place to go can do nothing but expand this group. Just my $0.02.
  14. Heard a nice story on him last night. Apparently he committed to UMass before the bigger names came calling, then stood by his commitment to the school that wanted him early. When Canada wanted him to play in the Olympics, he said no, as he owed it to his team to play the season with them. Seems to have a loyalty score way off the charts -
  15. Flying out before dawn tomorrow (we always travel Wednesdays for FF's) and hoping to see UMass get their first title with all the former Fargo Force players on their roster. Expect to see a few of you in Buffalo!
  16. @Irish I think Rick's comment is more to the point that Benson & Lizzote are being brought up like they were gods and the only UND players mentioned in that conversation are guys some feel under perform - meaning they aren't brought up when we're talking about one of the Poolman brothers or Ladue. St. C has had some elites recently (mostly former Force players that end up in LA), but they weren't "local" kids. The locals they have pulled haven't been the 5 star variety at the time they committed.
  17. Quite a number of former players stick around in the area. Their natural talent sometimes filters down to the kids, then add that they know what it takes to play at a D1 level (and often beyond), and the kids are that much more prepared. A good mix of the top-end local kids has greatly benefited this team in the past, and I believe that trend will continue.
  18. I never put together the guy from the hallway at the Ralph as being Sprig on here. Just such sad news. May he rest in peace.
  19. This is basically what we'll be doing. We do it at the Frozen Four each year, too. Great to talk to fans from other parts of the country and hear about how much they love their boys (or are mad at them, if their team isn't in attendance).
  20. Honestly, I've been waiting for this since last year. They just haven't been able to stay competitive, even when they had multiple NHL-type players.
  21. According to the weatherman in Fargo, there's plenty of snow, but it's very dry with low moisture content. As of right now, there's not enough moisture to be a worry, but there's still 2 months of snowfalls coming...
  22. Side note: game is on in back bar at Blarney Stone
  23. Fortunately, Girbaud's were rolled so tight at the ankles that you couldn't feel the cold anyway - feet has been numb since 10 minutes after getting dressed due to lack of blood flow!
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