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  1. I will not defend not scoring on the 5, but I won't complain about much else. Sweep tomorrow.
  2. When the puck is in the cornerner and I say to my wife, "here's another one's and I'm actually right!!??!! Great night!
  3. That's a good clip. Or you walk really slowly...
  4. Umass Lowell leading UMD 3-1 in the 3rd Edit: Duluth doing a goofers impression with lots of attendees dressed as empty seats
  5. Owned the zone. Shot after shot.w the bois will eventually break through, even if it wasn't that power play
  6. Johnny T on period break "they're not going to weather the storm because we're going to keep coming" Yeah, baby! Kick that azz!
  7. I may not be the best person to answer this, as I drive to GF for all hockey and all football, but I will tell you I look forward to these days. Yes, it's a long day, but since I'm going to spend 2-4 hours in the car anyway (depending on where I leave from that day), I'm glad to get to do both. It also means I'm going to eat at a GF restaurant and/or the stadium or arena, or a combination of all. I'm going to have a chance to check out a place in town I normally don't, as I have more time. I may even end up at GF Scheels or the Sioux Shop for some more UND gear that, again, I wouldn't normally be in town long enough to do. I'm not saying everyone sees it this way, but this is how those days work for my family.
  8. IMHO, Simba cam is waaay better received than the tired old kiss cam, at least in my section. Your section may feel differently. My point is, if you trot out all the same old stuff, it gets stale. Even with how much better the race animation has been the last couple years, the Steamatic race still takes too long and only involves 3 sections out of 32 (plus suites).
  9. Can't pick your division, and there are a couple of really bad teams in theirs. Seriously, WTF is the deal in Detroit???
  10. 2 out of 3 from the second place team on the road - that's how you win a division!
  11. Surprised they're having the UND night the same day as the Siouxper Swing in Detroit Lakes. I'll be golfing that day, but at the Twins games Friday and Saturday of that week, just missing a Hawks logoed Twinkies cap.
  12. Whiny? LOL - I stated that I didn't like the refs looking the other way on stuff that would be called all season. I said the Bruins are the better team, not even whether or not I was cheering for them. Your bias is severely coloring your take on my post. You can hate Boston, just like I hate Chicago (grew up a Northstar fan), and we can both exist just fine. Thought Boston should have been on a power play at that time it was scored. I think both teams have taken a lot of liberties, but if they play 7 times with regular season calls, Boston would win the series, IMO.
  13. Don't feel too bad about missing out - after the last series no one would take it. Honestly, if the refs don't change the rules for the finals (prime example being last night with the first goal that should never have happened), I think it would have been over in 5. Look at the blowout that happened when the refs called penalties. :shrug:
  14. You know it's bad when his team's fans don't even stand up for "Fat Phil." Insult Sidney, they'll lose it. Insult Malkin, they'll fight you. Let them talk long enough, they'll try to convince you Gretzky was only the second best player in the last 50 years. But there's little to no comment on Phil. At least in my experience. YMMV
  15. Tough game last night getting a little taste of their own medicine - gave up 5 runs on 4 HR to Cleveland. Hope for a nice bounce-back tonight -
  16. When they drop the next 3, this ^^ can be their participation banner
  17. When I worked downtown, it was known to our office as "Dog-Cat." Guess we missed on that one...
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