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The Actual Voting Process Announced

The Sicatoka

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Can the Herald please stop printing these worthless letters to the editor?  I am not sure what poeple don't understand.  As this thread title clearly states, the voting process has been announced.  The names to be voted on are already decided.  The debate about what names should make the list is over.   Why doesn't the Herald publish letters about what we can do tincrease our relations with the Sioux tribes to keep the Sioux nickname while they are at it........oh wait...to late!!!

What?  And deprive us of the entertainment value of reading the "opinions" of the utterly clueless? :lol:

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If any alumni and/or supporter were to do this I would hope they would the courage to come forward.............so we could have a public flogging prior to a hockey game in the dead of winter.

no, no, no. The public flogging will be the last home football game. The execution will take place outside of the arena in the dead of winter. 

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Gross.  Just to keep "Fighting" or what?

Yup.  At least that's what MafiaMan is going with.

Was UND initially known as the Fighting Sioux or just the Sioux?  If it's the latter, then perhaps the "Fighting" will find its way back to UND without it being a forced adjective.

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If I was a betting man, I would put Roughriders and Fighting Hawks to get the most votes, in that order with Roughriders winning the runoff.

I hope you're right.  I'm really nervous about Sundogs.  I've spoken with way too many people who haven't closely followed the entire nickname saga who believe it's an acceptable option.

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Gut feeling...the initial vote and subsequent run-off are not going to be the end of this saga. 

I hope this isn't correct, nothing personal against your predictive prowess. 

In the likelihood that a run off is needed, I hope they do it the week afterwards or ASAP. I would HATE another month or so after the first election.

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