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  1. Didn’t Teiken have quite a few more offers than Altpeter.
  2. We must still have 2 scholarships open now.
  3. Sam Houston was fortunate to win the first round playoff game.
  4. They were 2 and 10 last year. I would imagine he had better aspirations than that
  5. Now that football is over we as UND sports fans should start getting excited for the next sports season coming up in the major sports. Lets see what would that be. Oh yea. It is almost time for “football” again.
  6. At the beginning of year how many people would of thought that the last team eliminated from football playoffs in state would of been UND and not NDSU?? A great season to build on for next Fall. Need to get a little bigger to stop some of those big running backs.
  7. Looks like we aren’t going to be able to stop them enough. And yes we are last team playing in North Dakota.
  8. Who ever did those rankings does he even have record of teams right?
  9. If they are taking 4 teams from MVFC, SDSU is top ranked and they would be in top position. Missouri State and UND were also co champs. I would assume we would be number 2 team. I can’t imagine we would be in same first bracket with SDSU. I would think it would be either NDSU or Missouri State In rabbit bracket.
  10. Weber State is 5 and 0. They could of easily lost about 3 of these games. Probably deserved to have lost at least twice. Definitely the least impressive 5 and 0 team you will find.
  11. So if don’t play any more games we are co conference champs. If we play and win we are co conference champs. Whatever it takes let’s just get a piece of title in first year.
  12. I think the most important angle to playoffs is UND needs to play Youngstown game and win. If that happens they are in no matter what happens in NDSU/SDSU game. If they weren’t in, the playoff committee would lose all credibility.
  13. What is our biggest need? A guard who is not short or a guard who can shoot?
  14. Why are Rabbits ahead of us. Don’t we have same record and didn’t we beat them?
  15. Speculating. If we play our final game and lose. Then they go ahead with playoffs. We finish 4 and 2. Do we make playoffs? Odds are?????
  16. Even if SDSU beats USD and ends up with one more game and has one loss too we would be ahead of them. We beat them by double digits and they can’t penalize for Covid loss games or Illinois State quitting. All along the way in the polls teams were not penalized for playing fewer games.
  17. Is Roach for next year or the year after?
  18. We have 3 gals coming in for next year. Are any of them immediate impact players? We need some immediate impact players. Not players for down the road but players for now.
  19. Missouri State will be ranked now
  20. So how did that day go for you Tell us about it
  21. I imagine bison fans were all over message board at Southern Illinois right after they played them too.
  22. Maybe Siouxfan1989 is one of the players that left program?
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