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  1. I have to admit I am tired of watching every tv broadcast and see that there are very few people sitting in the center section that is visible on all broadcasts. BAD optics. Move the student section towards an end of field. Common sense.
  2. There apparently are a lot of what if’s if stuff u game had changed. The only thing for sure is the BLOWN fumble call took a td away from Illinois State.
  3. Bison are good. But VERY fortunate today.
  4. Illinois State couldn’t throw the ball. You are right. But the bottom line is the officials decided the winner.
  5. Illinois State got screwed. They won that game. Officials decided the winner.
  6. I see where NDSU women are playing big ten Wisconsin at home on Sunday. There saying NO charge to get into game. Wow. Interesting. They are really desperate to get fans to watch their women’s team.
  7. Nichols was unbelievably lucky to be in playoffs. Last Thursday they won a game that took involved a lottery type luck to win.For UND It was hard to know they were going to play Nichols.
  8. Is the game televised tonight?
  9. Dagger

    Playoff Time

    Nichols and UND both have 4 losses. We beat San Houston and they got beat 17 to 0 to Sam Houston. We are going to their place. Curious how the bids compared.
  10. Our next opponent Illinois State beat Illinois by 16. It might get a lot tougher on Sunday.
  11. Dagger


    By goofing up with the insertion of Schuster into the game Saturday I was implying that I would hope they have some serious conversations now on what to do with those type situations.
  12. I see the next 4 years we play Youngstown, Missouri state and Southern Illinois every year. Yet we only play northern Iowa 2 times. Why is that? Doesn’t NDSU play them every year? Why wouldn’t UND have them every year too? Maybe NDSU rotates with uni now too.
  13. Dagger


    I would think the coaching staff has had serious conversations about which players they are not willing to play for one game with the result would be losing a year. I assume they have a strategy. I think.
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