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  1. Who cancelled the Kansas St game? Us or them
  2. Sounding more like the transfer rule where players can go from o ne D1 school to another D1 school and play right away might NOT pass. In basketball does that affect any of our new players? What about our other main sports. Affect any of those new players?????
  3. So he does have 3 years of elgibility. When did they hear that?
  4. So there tearing down Memorial stadium seating and locker rooms. Are the taking out the practice field too?
  5. Looks like he is 6”9” and played at South School of mines. Originally from Marshall Minnesota. Sather has to be totally familiar with his talents so I assume he is a good player. Sather knows what it takes.
  6. Was Ramsey a Sather recruit?
  7. I hadn’t heard he was a bust. Wonder if that rumor is accurate?
  8. Just curious. How are we making an offer without a head coach? Is more going on there than we know?
  9. What are chances Saddler and Panoams stay around?
  10. What is going to happen to Panoam Saddler Atelbauers Ramsey???
  11. Dagger

    Spring Ball 2020

    Is there a schedule for spring practices?
  12. Have they put out a practice schedule for spring ball?
  13. I have to admit I am tired of watching every tv broadcast and see that there are very few people sitting in the center section that is visible on all broadcasts. BAD optics. Move the student section towards an end of field. Common sense.
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