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  1. Dagger


    Why even throw the ball to someone that is clearly short of first down?
  2. Was the booster meeting cancelled for today?
  3. At one point NDSU administration did make a very self righteous statement on how they don’t want alcohol being served inside at their athletic events. Looks like they might be flip flopping.
  4. We sell beer at Alerus and Ralph. Property not owned by UND. I.didn’t think North Dakota universities could sell beer on university land. Isn’t Shaq on NDSU property?
  5. They were mad in Fargo after Davis game. It was a close and exciting game between 2 top 5 teams and a large amount of students left at half. We are no different than other places.
  6. Dagger

    2019 Season

    Not to throw water on the fire but I don’t believe there is a quarterback in the system that is good enough to have our program to the level it needs to be to be a playoff team. There are various reasons for that (youth, injuries, insufficient talent). We need to recruit a more talented quarterback sooner than later.
  7. Dagger

    2019 Season

    Makes we think I know why Pryor left rather quickly. He might of been lazy reloading team.
  8. Both fan bases will say whatever they have to to support their team. No one wants their team or coaching staff to look bad. But the reality of it is there was no need for a fake field goal in that particular situation. Say what you want but most people aren’t buying it. Not classy.
  9. Do you have to drink to go to ball games? You can talk to people and watch game without drinking.
  10. Dagger

    SH Game Day

    Did I miss something but what happened to Grover?
  11. That last series by the bison tells you a lot about their program. Not a shining moment. Kick the field goal and after you fake it take a knee. The game was over. NOT classy. Not surprising. But they like to win by as much as possible. Important to them.
  12. The story has little credibility. . Do some research. What a joke.
  13. Did the Bison win a national title in 1977. Cab’t even remember that.
  14. What. Did Rudy call that 3rd down play?
  15. Dagger

    2020 FB Recruiting

    I imagine we will lose Mitchell.
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