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  1. Dagger

    2019 Season

    Didn’t we have a gal named Bigelow from Wisconsin that had committed a while ago? What is the story there?
  2. Looks like a great hire. It just simply looks like he is a good coach. He is a winner. Exciting. Doesn’t matter if he was at a big time program before or not. He knows how to coach wins. Living in North Dakota won’t be a shock either. Good days ahead.
  3. Dagger

    New Coach?

    When are they naming new coach?
  4. Boschee has been head coach since 2014. Wasn’t there stipulations on how long you had to have been a head coach?
  5. How many years has Boschee been a head coach?
  6. I imagine the possibility of signing a new player will stop till new coach is hired.
  7. I guess I meant to ask is she to graduate high school in Spring 20? She wouldn’t be for next fall to come here?
  8. Would she be 2020/2021 recruit ?
  9. Are NDSU fans going to like that they don't play UNI every year?
  10. so what is the determination Are SDSU, USD, NDSU and UNI going to be on our schedule every year in the future? I thought that is what I had heard originally? I think those schools presently play each other every year.
  11. Dagger

    2019 Season

    So what is the scoop? Who left who?
  12. Let’s be honest about it. If SDSU hadn’t disappeared from tourney(almost a fluke). Richmond was on hot seat and their fans were calling for him to be fired. Fine line between being good or bad in peoples minds. Send flowers to Brookings.
  13. Originally there was an Emma Anderson from Big Lake Minnesota. Is she still coming here?
  14. The problems with the program right now have nothing to do with the facilities.
  15. Dagger

    2020 FB Recruiting

    Give UND credit. They are trying. Not much chance of getting him. NDSU would never let that happen
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