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  1. I'm surprised they lasted this long ... Redskins
  2. So sorry to hear this. "Back in the day" with the earliest version(s) of Siouxsports.com, and on USCHO, Sprig was one my favorite posters about Sioux hockey and other things related to UND. RIP, Sprig.
  3. To the original question, I still think the Fighting Hawks logo looks like a half-assed sign for a convenience store.
  4. Nice article on TJ Oshie with the Capitals. Oshie
  5. ScottM

    New Mascot

    Son of Thunder.
  6. Coopers Hawks are pretty fearless, even in urban environments. I came a home a few summers ago to find one munching on a Starling on the roof of the garage. I had to hose down the roof to get rid of the "leftovers".
  7. Agreed. Whitey's was destroyed when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.
  8. Way to stretch those creative boundaries ... /golf clap
  9. Wow, someone dredges up my ancient posts. I'm barely gratified, but I wish I had that much time on my hands.
  10. Commentary on the Fighting Irish
  11. Getting busted by the cops with that much inventory probably isn't going to help their GPAs, or future employment prospects.
  12. MLB may move against Chief Wahoo
  13. Here's a good story about the Bemidji Hockey triplets. BSU Hockey
  14. Perhaps he(?) "identifies" as a she.
  15. This is one of the most idiotic things I've seen written in the Hurled, and that says a lot. 1. Most fans with Sioux gear will never part with it, and 2. Why would UND even contemplate a repurchase to bolster the new name and logo?
  16. If by "intern" you mean "crack-addicted chimp", I'm with you.
  17. It's like that feeling when you're told you're going to get a new job title, new responsibilities and more people, but no more money ...
  18. I'm not sure Social Distortion would be amenable to UND using Skelly, but I could ask.
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