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  1. KC Chiefs name, fan behavior ahead of the Big Game We would have never seen this one coming ...
  2. Some of my fondest memories of Wooger were when he was done coaching and doing color commentary during games. Definitely a class act. A great guy in person too. RIP Doug.
  3. Good thing it's a short article ...
  4. If the Wisco series was any indication, Mariucci will probably be dead both nights, and I would not be surprised if there was more green than maroon in the crowd. That said, playing Minnesota is always entertaining.
  5. The current logo still reminds me of a gas station or convenience store sign.
  6. I'm surprised they lasted this long ... Redskins
  7. So sorry to hear this. "Back in the day" with the earliest version(s) of Siouxsports.com, and on USCHO, Sprig was one my favorite posters about Sioux hockey and other things related to UND. RIP, Sprig.
  8. To the original question, I still think the Fighting Hawks logo looks like a half-assed sign for a convenience store.
  9. Nice article on TJ Oshie with the Capitals. Oshie
  10. ScottM

    New Mascot

    Son of Thunder.
  11. Coopers Hawks are pretty fearless, even in urban environments. I came a home a few summers ago to find one munching on a Starling on the roof of the garage. I had to hose down the roof to get rid of the "leftovers".
  12. Agreed. Whitey's was destroyed when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.
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