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  1. Risky

    FCS Football Polls

    Were 2 and 1. The loss to atop 10 FBS. The win over the number 4 in FCS at their place. We better be ranked.
  2. Risky

    2018-19 Season

    I wouldn’t be surprised that we will have a better year this year than last year without Crandall
  3. Risky

    2017 Season

    Isn't there going to be a weekly television show on UND sports? Have they just not had their first one or what? Anybody know?
  4. Risky

    UND at USD

    When and where is the weekly television show on UND sports?
  5. Risky

    2017 Season

    That is disappointing.
  6. Risky

    2017 Season

    My mistake. What level is Mississippi Valley State? I watched them and their level of play was not good. Are they a relatively new program?
  7. Risky

    2017 Season

    Is Mississippi State D3, D2 or NAIA?
  8. Risky

    Any word on the WNIT bid?

    What channel on Midco is it on?
  9. Risky

    Big Sky Conference QUADRUMVIRATE 2016-7

    Since we became Fighting Hawks, championship trophy's have been piling up. Whatever is going on, it is sure has been productive. Let's keep it going.
  10. Risky

    Coach Jones?

    Jones has as much as said that he has made mistakes and that he is learning. He deserves to keep going. He has recruited talent and the players seem to love him. Let's go Dancing.
  11. The officials have a favorite team.
  12. How many teams are playing out there. Portland State shows up every once in a while. Officials are trying to take over the game to.
  13. How accurate is their stopwatch? We need an investigation. Something smells in this. They really went out of their way on this.
  14. The officials should be ashamed. Embarrassing.