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  1. Risky

    Future Schedules

    Is there a cover on the stadium. This would be Mpls. in November right?
  2. Risky

    Future Schedules

    Maybe someone we play is willing to give up a home game. We certainly shouldn’t give up one our home games late in the year when we are battling for a conference title. We are trying to build our fan base for home games and tailgating.
  3. Recruiting at NDSU obviously didn't go quite as good as they originally hoped. They offered the Wisconsin QB a walk on not long ago and by the end they had to give him a full ride to get him.. NDSU apparently didn't get who they really wanted if they went from walk on to full ride in the last week. they must of been feeling a little desperate.
  4. Risky

    2019 UND Recruiting

    He wouldn’t be liking the rival coach’s tweets if he was coming here. Change the conversation. Old news.
  5. Don’t hold your breath. Over
  6. Your right. Rings or actually playing
  7. Risky

    2019 UND Recruiting

    The reality for the qb is this. From what I hear NDSU has an heir apparent freshman qb in their program that probably be their starting Qb for the next 4 years. They also have another qb in their program who is good. Does this recruit want to go to a school where he might just be a backup or go where he has a chance to start for 4 years. Time will tell.
  8. I wouldn’t think NDSU would waste a schollie. But if they had 2 QB candidates of similar value NDSU would take great delight in going after the one UND wants. You can be sure if that.
  9. Seales probably would of taken last shot from 3 point land but he was on bench hurt..
  10. If the player busted for drugs was a UND player and the Fargo media knew about it the story would of leaked. I am quite sure of that.
  11. The refs are sure calling penalties that could easily not be caled. They are either wrong or could they simply not throw the flag. The game isn’t about the refs.
  12. Referees are making a difference already. Bison program is just simply destined. Those penalties were crap
  13. Is there a webcast of the game tonight?
  14. The problem is there just isn’t enough talent there. Your wanting these particular players to do things they just aren’t good enough to do on a regular basis.
  15. I agree. I am not sure why Walters ever sees the floor. He is playing the wrong level of basketball
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