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A Modest Proposal 2.0

The Sicatoka

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2 hours ago, The Sicatoka said:

ADDENDUM to original posit:

For this (admittedly absurd) notion to work, every UND Football supporter has to contribute significantly fiscally to the effort. 


There's no margin on that.
There's no magic pot of gold at UND for it. 
There's no "whatabout" whining about directed contributions going to other UND sports. 

It's how the xDSUs have done it: Private directed football donations

For that matter, that needs to happen to stay competitive in FCS.

The elephant in the room is the way our Champions Club operates vs su's Team Makers


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4 hours ago, Shawn-O said:

I've never been approached by Champion's Club in my life.  Not that I'm some heavy hitter, but what in the world are they working on?  

Championships start with scholarships. The Champions Club makes championships possible at the University of North Dakota through providing scholarships to our ...

Membership Level Benefits

Tonight's the night! We can't wait to celebrate this year's Hall of ...

Log into Our Community

The 2022 North Dakota Athletics Hall of Fame is underway! Image.

Tickets & Seating

North Dakota Champions Club members can purchase men's ...

Champions Golf Tour

The 2022 North Dakota Athletics Hall of Fame is underway! ... Let ...
The official Champions Club page for the University of North Dakota Fighting Hawks.
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8 hours ago, nodak651 said:

Their website and social media presence are dog !@#$.  Sorry.  Still waiting for them to announce how much they raised last year.

That’s what I was looking for, until I gave up due to a very poor user experience on the website.  

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On 11/30/2022 at 4:46 PM, Shawn-O said:

I've never been approached by Champion's Club in my life.  Not that I'm some heavy hitter, but what in the world are they working on?  

They suck. Horrible. “Championships start with scholarships”? I’m sorry- it takes more than just scholarships in this day and age. It’s not 1992 anymore. Get with the times, get off your ass, and talk to people. 

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On 12/1/2022 at 11:40 AM, USTBench said:

After watching this selection committee debacle I would say it'd be interesting if UND was to lead the pack from an unconventional position. Sort of an "attack a liberal from the left, attack a conservative from the right" approach, in which UND hard-charges toward FBS. This will make NDSU fans scoff but will also force NDSU's hand to explore that avenue with UND. I find it hard to believe Matt Larsen lobbied for UND at all and I suspect he failed in his fiduciary duty to advocate for the MVFC, and if that's the case, and it certainly looks like it is, you can't trust the organization or level you're in, and UND should call that out. That said, Larsen's stacking the deck in NDSU's favor in a "down year", shows that either NDSU has to maintain this level of success in perpetuity or the brass will face serious consequences, or, they have find a group of committed peer institutions to explore a move up together. 

It sounds like the G-5 is angling to be "FCS on steroids" and with the expanded 12-team CFP starting soon, I suspect the CFP will consistently be 10/11 P5 schools and 1 10+ win G5 school. I suspect that format, whether people like-it-or-not will be hugely successful and eventually the G5 will follow suit and craft their own playoff, essentially creating a subdivision between FCS and FBS. It's getting increasingly obvious to me that FCS will soon look like the abandoned tire plant that is D2 and UND needs to jump off that sinking ship.

The "15,000" average attendance thing is a complete joke, and always has been. I've been to concrete monolith that is Rice Stadium in which about 500 people watched 120 points scored between ECU and Rice. I've watched "MACtion" and if Eastern Michigan is outdrawing most D3 schools I'd be suprised. I see a lot of complaints about the Alerus gameday experience on here, but it is exponentially better than what is being offered at several G5 FBS schools. Also, Sam Houston is going to FBS without a stadium that even holds 15,000 and their average attendance is less than 8,000. 

I'm not saying a 6th Group conference could be formed, but UND, NDSU, SDSU, USD, Montana, Montana State, Idaho (previously FBS), and a few other financially solvent major state universities could explore creating their own football conference or joining a pre-existing one now that the remaining Mountain West schools will be lobbying the PAC-12 to replace USC/UCLA and get into that coveted P5 conference. Maybe (probably) nothing comes of it, but it could force the FCS to get their act together. The Sun Belt has gone from a laughing stock to a formiddable conference in a very short period of time, and I look at those schools and (some) of the MWC schools more like peer football institutions moreso than Mercer, Campbell, Samford, Holy Cross, etc. I don't think anyone on here is particularly enamored with the MAC, and I think you could have a better conference almost overnight with the schools I previously mentioned. Full send, loco crazy, but fun to think about. 

UND is making a major financial commitment to football with Phase 2 it seems. So, probably time to stop acting like little brother, and they'll probably stop being treated like little-brother. 


Lots of thought starters.  Thank you.  Chaves, you read this?

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Not sure this belongs on this feed but reading over my annual foundation letter “Football Priority Needs Fund (69140)” is listed with “UND’s President’s Excellence Fund”and “Other” as options. The President’s Fund is explained but not the football one. I see other options here. Could someone explain these funds and their purpose? Thanks, Mama

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On 12/12/2022 at 12:32 PM, The Sicatoka said:

  or just show him this....everyone is happy (except wyoming haha)

College Football Playoff Manifesto (1).jpg

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