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  1. Who cares? It's fun, meaningful football. Rather watch a team scratch and claw to make a quarterfinal than sleepwalk through the Meineke Car Care Bowl. And at some point, there will be an upset.
  2. You can say that about a lot of levels of college football. Mount Union was impossible to beat until UW-Whitewater and UMHB came along. There has been decent runs in DII with North Alabama, NWMSU and GVSU. FCS...well, there's that. And FBS has Bama as the perennial team to beat, but every few years someone figures it out. I don't think it would be a joke and 12 teams would make the playoff way more meaningful and inclusive. Who doesn't love an underdog? loved seeing Cincinnati get a chance, and honestly, they didn't fair any worse than other P5 schools or Notre Dame in years past. That said, Izzo calling UND fans "rubes" is pretty rich. They've never played a full FBS schedule. They'd fair okay in the Mountain West, but let's not get ahead of ourselves here.
  3. I wonder if Chappell has any quick twitch left?
  4. LOL I'm no compliance official (or his probations officer) but it seems like a longshot.
  5. Grady should have taken Bubba up on the offer, was federally indicted and convicted on drug conspiracy charges. Got 30 months. Name: ELIJAH BEAU GRADY Register Number: 17003-059 Age: 25 Race: American Indian Sex: Male Released On: 04/08/2021
  6. Fibber. He didn't have a warrant until he missed court the other day. Bummer. Anyway, I did post about UST potentially going D1 and that was rejected as a possibility as they were D3 (this post must have been on a throw away account a long time ago, as I don't see it anymore). So, I don't really post based on conjecture. I did also opine on the black curtains at the NDSU game being idiotic.
  7. Otis Weah now has a warrant out for Driving Under Suspension and a new misdemeanor charge of Failure to Appear in GF Municipal Court. Might want to get that cleaned up before he holds his breath for a scholarship to a FBS school.
  8. Then I will win $1,000,000 from UND-FB-FAN. Seriously though, he's a very talented back but I just don't see enough there where a P5 school (who is absolutely going to put him through the vetting process) is going to say, "Gee, this kid who fumbles in big spots with limited eligibility and potential academic and legal issues (he failed to appear in municipal court for a DUS recently) is worth one of our coveted scholarship spots." Especially when you can put an 18 year old kid with a clean slate and no real ego (yet) on scholarship and try to mold him from a football and character stand point. Otis has seemingly shown an unwillingness to adapt to the culture of a team who by all accounts has a great culture, why would would a P5 school bring in a FCS headache? Otis won some conference and national recognition, but we're not talking about Randy Moss at 1-AA Marshall. Maybe it works out and he gets a (FCS or FBS) scholarship, but I could honestly see him landing in the NSIC.
  9. He will get a FBS shot at a MAC school which is a lateral move. I didn't see enough in terms of pass catching, blitz pick-up or ball security for me to think a P5 is going to put him on scholarship, especially given his academic issues. Maybe the U will kick the tires on him and offer him a roster spot, but I don't know that he sees the field much in that situation.
  10. It would appear Weah has recently failed to appear for his arraignment on a driving under suspension charge in GF municipal court. Maybe he's transferring to avoid the warrant that's soon to follow. :-)
  11. I'm sure the black curtains on the catwalk have been mentioned before, but seriously, what the hell? They used up 50 yards worth of real estate and there was maybe a handful of media people in there, and almost nobody in the NDSU designated area.
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