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What I witnessed last night at Robson was something I have not seen since toward the end of the Scotty Owens era, circa 2011 when the Tigers had the Schwartz brothers. Duluth came out looking flat and lethargic while CC was aggressive and in attack mode. Now, can they replicate that tonight? 

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2 minutes ago, siouxfaninseattle said:

I don't know what's going on in Duluth this season but I would think there would be plenty of assistant coaches that would take the job in a heartbeat. 

Oh, I'm sure, SIS.   I was having fun with gf.    And I don't doubt they will right the ship.

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Western Michigan beats Miami 5-2

CC leads Duluth 1-0

Denver leads St. Cloud 2-0

Michigan State beats Wisconsin 5-1

Michigan leads Penn State 2-0

Lindenwood beats Army 5-3

UAA and AFA tied 1-1

Merrimack beats BC 5-2

UConn beats Maine 3-2

UMass leads Providence 3-1

Lowell leads Vermont 2-0

Northeastern leads UNH 3-0

Northern Michigan betas LSSU 5-3

BGSU leads Michigan Tech 4-1

Dartmouth and Brown tied 2-2 OT

Ferris State and Bemidji tied 1-1

Niagara beats Bentley 4-2

Canisius and Holy Cross tied 2-2 OT

RIT beats AIC 4-3

Mercyhurst and Sacred Heart tied 3-3 OT

Harvard leads Yale 4-0

Clarkson leads RPI 1-0

Quinnipiac leads Cornell 1-0

Princeton leads Colgate 3-2

St. Lawernce leads Union 2-1

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AFA beats AAU 3-1

Northeastern beats UNH 3-0

Lowell betas Vermont 2-0

Harvard beats Yale 4-0

Quinnipiac beats Cornell 2-0

Colgate beats Princeton 4-3 OT

Clarkson beats RPI 3-0

BGSU beats Michigan Tech 6-1

Mankato leads St. Thomas 4-3

Bemidji beats Ferris State 2-1 OT

Providence beats UMass 4-3 OT

Michigan and Penn State tied 3-3

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