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12 minutes ago, BusinessSiouxt said:

Been watching the game. UNO has dominated DU. At worst, playing stretches even. Interesting.

When UND ties Omaha, people wonder how we could possibly not beat them, even though we played decent hockey.  Imagine if we get outshot that bad at home against Omaha what the reaction would be.

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3 hours ago, scpa0305 said:

So Ryan McAllister is definitely a player that was missed due to the pandemic. Holy buckets 

Yeah seems like a lot of "big" schools missed out on him.  Leading the NCAA in scoring as an unheralded freshman, pretty impressive.
Another freshman, Fantilli, right behind him in 2nd for points.  Everyone knew he was gonna be good though.

Hard to predict how much of a factor McAllister would be coming from the AJHL.
WMU with 3 of the top 4 scorers in the nation at this point, that's crazy.

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14 hours ago, cberkas said:

Minnesota spends 58 minutes dominating the game and somehow Arizona State almost gets the game to OT

Shots must not have been a reflection then because they outshot Minnesota 30-24 and Minnesota had 6 more blocked shots than Arizona.

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