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30 minutes ago, NOCO SIOUX said:

I'll be drinking some Grain Belt Premium and playing some sauce in the courtyard of the Double Tree in Colorado Springs on Friday afternoon if anyone wants to join.  BYOB because I ain't sharing my Premium.  Let's get em this weekend boys.  Gonna be a good conference test.  

I'll take you up on that offer. and i will be taking a Grain Belt.

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4 hours ago, OgieOgilthorpe said:

Yes, I predict he'll get his first point this weekend, but that's all he'll get. 

I still don't see him getting many points this season. He's a grinder and a fighter that gets a lot of the dirty work done for the team but he just isn't a true scorer (minus the penalty shot). 

As for Gersich- he has a lot of work to do if he's going to chase that 20 goal mark again this season. Sure he's playing hard, but we need him to step up and produce. There are other guys out there with 6 goals and 12 points already. I hope he's just been saving the goals for the conference play and then he'll open the flood gates. 

Pogos always been more of a grinder but still produced.  He’ll pick it up.  I say 3 pts this weekend.

as for gersich. I’ve always thought his playmaking needed to improve to put up big point totals.  He scored goals but doesn’t have an overly heavy shot.  He more goes to the hard areas and bangs in rebounds.  I thought jost and boesers departures would affect him the most.  Then he was mvp at the capitals d camp so I thought I may be wrong.  We’ll see, he seems like he’s more of a compliment than a focal point of a line right now.

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