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  1. I wonder why we are just hearing about this now? From what I read he didn’t travel with the team to pit.
  2. I’m surprised by this. He didn’t make all edc in high school and after four games is committed to UND?
  3. Gersich was talented no doubt but idk if I can handle another "shoulder shrug" goal celebration like the one after his umd goal. That to me made him look like the cockiest player on the ice
  4. How about moving a forward to D....bench wolanin and put yon back there. Makes as much sense as Casey Johnson playing forward and his one goal this year. Honing my inner Berry logic.
  5. Tough end.Tomorrow I'd like to see Casey Johnson on the bench for Adams, hoff in for Olson, and peski in for Shaw. That won't happen but it would be a positive change I think.
  6. Maybe I missed the discussion but where is Collin Adams? Is he injured or did something happen off the ice causing him to be benched?
  7. Nope but let's get more just like him to fill spots for guys that can put it in the back of the net. All I'm saying is from what I have seen this year scoring is the issue.
  8. Imo we don't need a Mario or simonson type player. Watching simonson play makes me scratch my head. Either he is in the lineup because he's a native grand forks guy or he's good in the lockeroom. He wouldn't be a top 6 forward on half the team's in the ncaa. On an unrelated topic, does anyone know where kleven plans to play juniors?
  9. Why sit mismash and Adams? Aren't there other players to sit? Is there more to it?
  10. First post on the football side of things here on ss. I was wondering if there is any talk of ndsu moving to a different conference? I watched the game last night and it was terrible for a playoff game. They should up the level of competition a bit don't you think? Big fish in a small pool thing going on.
  11. Agreed 100%. Hard to believe that is considered harassment nowadays
  12. There have been so many plays on both sides that would have been called last weekend. I personally like this type of officiating
  13. Crazy how different this weekend is being officiated compared to last weekend.
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