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  1. Anyone know how to watch without being in the Midco market?
  2. No problem. Thanks for posting all these games!
  3. Any chance you have the Minnesota comeback Final Five game?
  4. Anyone have the F5 "timeout" full game vs. Minnesota? And, the Title win over Denver the next night?
  5. So, it's pretty much the same price as Sioux Shop which is about $85... Thanks for the info!
  6. What is this EPS company? I'm looking to get some jerseys named and numbered. Is it as expensive as Authentics at the Sioux Shop? Thanks!
  7. Got Midco login credentials from a buddy in Forks and I am able to login and watch there if anyone is wondering! Thanks all for the feedback!
  8. Yeah, pretty sure that doesn't cover Colorado... If anyone else has options please let me know! Can't miss these game!
  9. For those of us that don't live in the coverage area, I see it is on Fox Sports Go app but didn't find it on the schedule when I looked. If someone knows the best way to watch via webcast please let me know!
  10. Streaming Options? Unfortunately not on cable in Denver...
  11. Where do UND fans sit when they visit Greeley? Planning on getting tix and driving up from Lakewood.
  12. LOVE Dillon!!! Will be there a ton this winter!
  13. I see it now... I'm watching in Lakewood, CO!!!
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