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  1. YouTube TV also has a free 7 day trial and you can pick up CBSSN
  2. need a big response after last weekend. 4-1 Sioux
  3. 4-3 Green Guys. will be there to watch, looking forward to seeing all the sioux fans fill their arena
  4. Altitude blocked last Friday's game for me on NCHC.tv
  5. Was that you sitting right on the glass where Oshie got crushed?
  6. Maybe not anymore after the Avs lost Kamenev last night
  7. Correct, It has been blacked out for me each time a game is on Altitude since i'm in their viewing area. Not sure how it would be if you weren't in their viewing area
  8. the altitude must be getting to Schloss, or did i miss the morning reading?
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