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Meanwhile…somewhere in Colorado:

MARCIA:  Bob, is that you?

BOB:  [click, click, click] Yeah, honey.  Just, uh, surfing the web. [click, click, click]

MARCIA:  But it's your first day of retirement, don't you just want to sleep in?  It's very early.

BOB:  [click, click, click] I know, honey.  I'm just, um, checking on some, um, things.  [click, click, click]  You go back to sleep and I'll be there in a few.  [click, click, click]

MARCIA:  Okay, sweetie.  Oh, by the way, did you see that new English-to-Chinese dictionary arrived yesterday?  I put it on your desk.

BOB:  [click, click, click]  I did see that.  Thanks.  Good night, honey.  [click, click, click]

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It's actually slowed down a lot... the first day (when we were unaware) something like 10 came through. Since then we've had 2 make it through, but one was at like 2am CT so it took a few hours to catch.

I try to strike a balance between making it accessible/friendly to new users, while keeping the machines out. Here's what I've done so far:

  • New registrations require the industry-standard reCAPTCHA (identifying photos) to prove you're human
  • New registrations require a valid email address (confirmed)
  • New registrations require answering a custom question unique to this forum, to stop us from being affected by shotgun attacks against numerous forums
  • We use a third party spam service that will catch any email/IP used for registration across a large number of forums

Obviously they're still slipping past that occasionally, so for the short term I'm going to have all new registrations go into a queue where I have to approve them manually.

That will slow down new registrations a bit, so I'll turn it back off once the spammers have settled down.

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