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  1. Man, that's a big hole to fill. Be hard to find the right guy.
  2. Always thought the placement of the band was wrong. Should get some good size high risers and move them to behind the end zone under the walkways. Acoustically would probably be better as they would be facing all of the fans. Be better sounding.
  3. I vote for Chuck if he'll get us back in the Big Sky too.
  4. I hope this is in reference to a rumour I recently heard about a possible Big 12 school coming for a game in the Ralph.
  5. Give the students a reason to show up and stay for the entire game. Put a good product on the field. Punishing them isn't going to help with their attendance.
  6. Must be a crazy large donation if they are naming the entire college after them and not just the new building.
  7. I'm betting my last $5 on it.
  8. I hope that paint they were eating was unleaded.
  9. dakotadan

    2019 Season

    Like to see the team using the padded helmets to help prevent concussions and unnecessary wear while the guys are getting into gameday shape.
  10. dakotadan

    2019 Season

    What does a guy have to do to get in line for one of those Tix?
  11. dakotadan

    2019 Season

    That a new nickname for NDSU?
  12. Time to put the full court press on NMSU to join and then spend the next handful of years grooming and preparing Minnesota State behind the scenes for a transition to D1 and the Summit/NCHC. These two solve more problems and bring more benefits, both short and long term, than any other options.
  13. So... did something happen with one of the Aggie players?
  14. dakotadan

    2019 Season

    I'm leaning towards out the door. So far I just haven't seen the players coached up or used to the best of their abilities. Too many times I've scratched my head trying to figure out why some guys were being played at the positions they were when they could have been better utilised somewhere else. These guys only have so many years. Need to make the most out of them while we can.
  15. For those of you who want to see baseball at UND again here is one hurdle that needs to be taken care of first. Grand Forks baseball supporters raising funds for Kraft Field
  16. I used to have a handful of the 2001 & 2003 football playoffs and championship games on VHS. Might have to dig around once more and see if I can come up with them. They seem to have disappeared one of the many times I've moved.
  17. Similar to Hak's "The Time-Out Game" huh?
  18. Anyone got links to any of the other championships?
  19. dakotadan

    2019 Season

    Just think if you had applied yourself.
  20. dakotadan

    2019 Season

    How can we have the toughest schedule if we don't play Montana?!? It's just not possible. Blows my mind.
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