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  1. Congratulations to J.B. for picking UMass and winning it all! Four people actually had 12 correct picks (all but 3 games) but none of them got the champ correct. https://siouxsports.com/hockey/bracketleaders.php All-time winners 2021 J.B. 2019 Brucesky02 / CLASSY FREDDIE BLASSIE 2018 01grad 2017 UND-1, Oxbow6, Redneksioux, iluvdebbies, Stms 2016 UND1981 / stack / nhockey30 / ringneck28 / bigskyvikes (UND National Championship year) 2015 WiSioux 2014 johndahl 2013 FSSD/Brainerd Sioux 2012 mj3und 2011 tho0505 2009 Big A HG 2008 willtippen 2007 seanpc03 2006 teamsio
  2. The Mankato fans were oh so briefly excited...
  3. A UND loss always shakes things out... of those who have 8 picks correct so far, only farce poobah still has his champ pick alive: https://siouxsports.com/hockey/bracketleaders.php
  4. Gee, I'm doing pretty well, except for that one pick... https://siouxsports.com/hockey/bracketleaders.php
  5. Hmmm.... I picked the Badgers to win it all. You're all welcome.
  6. There's still 1.8% of you clinging to Notre Dame... time to update that pick! https://siouxsports.com/hockey/bracketpicks.php
  7. Ah, just a stray label. Fixed it.
  8. Well, the great news is that when I was covid bored last summer, I finally rewrote the bracket app so it could be updated in like 5 minutes instead of the hour it used to take! Of course, that also means this has never been used before, so hopefully it works! Try this: https://siouxsports.com/hockey/bracket.php
  9. Wow, not at all on my radar somehow. One of those years, I guess! I'll see if I can set it up tonight!
  10. Found it. It's a new feature. It just kicks in (by default) on threads with more than 3 pages. Rather than disable it altogether, I moved it just below the first post on computers, the same as mobile. If we don't like that, I can always disable it altogether in the future, but let's try this for a few days.
  11. Oh, I see. But I don't see that in this (admin) forum. Interesting. I'll see what I can do.
  12. Here's what I see on a computer.
  13. There was a version upgrade of the software, but there isn't supposed to be any significant change in layout. On a laptop, on the front page (index of forums) I see a right-hand column with recent posts, popular posts, etc..., but that's always been there. For the people who see the empty space, is that on a computer? Do you see the recent/popular posts column?
  14. Sorry it took me a while (it was a significant topic of discussion on google threads that lots of people were struggling with the same problem, just one example), but I think I finally have it addressed. The single ad per page should be back to its previous, svelte self. Feedback always welcome!
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