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  1. I thought Asymptomatic was one of our players!!
  2. My son has three he will part with.
  3. I'd give it a couple of days to make sure it isn't retracted!
  4. That was pure insanity. After the Minnesota-Holy Cross game the Sioux fans were walking around The Ralph doing anti-Gopher cheers. It was just nuts in the arena.
  5. Some dead gophers were incredible musicians!
  6. It simply isn't possible to pick out the best game. I've seen live chickens, dead gophers, and dead badgers in the arena. I witnessed the all-out pregame fight with Wisconsin. I was at the game with Michigan when the Sioux were down 8-5 when timeout was called with six minutes left in the game, and a comeback for a 9-8 win about a minute into overtime. I've heard the old Ralph so loud my college buddy beside me couldn't hear me yell into his ear. I was at the miracle comeback win against MN. My only bummer is that I have been to six national championship tournaments, none of which UND wo
  7. It is usually at one of the bars just across the street to the north from the arena toward the team hotel. Can't remember the name of the place. We have never missed a series in Omaha. In the early years the Omaha fans used to thank us for coming, and were so appreciative of UND fan attendance. Not quite so much any more.
  8. We were sitting directly behind the St. Cloud bench, as in the second row. The entire game the SCSU coach would hold out his hands like "what the heck is going on" every time a St. Cloud player got touched. At every whistle stoppage the St. Cloud captain or a St. Cloud assistant captain would go to the ref and complain. It was finally early in the third period when one of the officials came to the St. Cloud bench and ripped into the St. Cloud coach non-stop for a couple of minutes. I could not hear what was being said, but it appeared to me the official was tired of hearing all of the comp
  9. I can't say yes or no. As soon as I saw it was MafiaMan I covered my eyes.
  10. MafiaMan was in the house and on the big screen last night. I am not sure, but that may be why it malfunctioned in the third period.
  11. 1. Gophers 2. Gophers 3. St. Cloud fans 4. Gophers 5. Duluth 6. Gophers
  12. I know that there was a process in place, due to the massive number of mugs, if a mug was not used for a period of time it was moved into storage to make more room for mugs that were being used.
  13. If I recall correctly, there were so many mugs at Frenchy's they couldn't all be hung up. So mugs that had not been used for a while went into storage. Did you really go 2 1/2 years without using it? Hard to believe.
  14. I don't know. I graduated in 1978 and took mine with me.
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