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  1. Have you done anything for Vegas trip. Hope to take my son. Looking forward to a breakk in Oct.Found out last Jan my wife has brain cancer (gleoblastoma). Stil;l have tickets in drawer.Found out that flights are cheaper out of Omaha. A three hour trip for me.

    Al BAloun

    Ice Arena Man

  2. Siouxman

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

    Single game tickets at Omaha just went on sale. If you plan to go to Omaha for the series in January you can get your tickets directly through UNO without having to pay Ticketmaster fees, at OMavs.com/tix. Evidently this is a favorite game as prices are $10 higher than any other UNO series at $30 upper level and $40 lower level.
  3. Siouxman

    2018 West Regional - Attendance

    You think they would host a regional on Olympic ice? I wonder about that. They could, but would they?
  4. Siouxman

    2018 West Regional - Attendance

    We did the trip this past weekend and are glad that we decided to go. For the most part the road from Fargo to Sioux Falls was fine except for right on top of the Buffalo Ridge hill near Summit, SD on the trip home. There were patches of blowing snow sticking to the road and a vehicle in front of us spun out and slid into the median. Two of us managed to push the car back onto the road and that was the end of it. Other than that the conditions were good. We did the trip in just under four hours driving each way. The Denny Sanford Arena is very nice. The lower bowl seats are nicer than the upper bowl. I am sure the announced attendance was based on tickets but the butts in the seats were definitely far more than we see in other regionals. Everything was well done. Parking was free unless you wanted to park right near (and I mean directly alongside) the arena. We were at most a block away from the front door both nights. I will gladly attend another regional there. Definitely more room than Fargo. On Saturday we did a walking tour of Falls Park which was interesting. Had no idea that was there and there is a long history behind it.
  5. Siouxman

    Early Departures 2018

    Say what you will about AF but they were outstanding in a number of areas. Their defensive stick work and tenacity along the boards was a joy to watch. I wish UND was that good. They outplayed SC in the first but got badly outplayed in the second. AF stepped it up in the third but still got outplayed by a bit. I have a feeling AF will be tired tonight.
  6. Siouxman

    Sioux Falls Regional -- Yes!

    I believe that I will be wearing my Air Force cap in support.
  7. Siouxman


    So Jones only got clipped? The refs went to the camera review and spent a very brief time reviewing it before issuing the 5. It must have been quite obvious to them.
  8. Siouxman


    Boy was Coach Berry upset today. After the UMD 5 minute major was called for kneeing, he was pounding on the glass between the two benches and yelling at UMD coaching staff. Then during the handshake line he refused to shake UMD coaches hands and simply left the line to shake the hands of the officiating staff.
  9. Siouxman

    It's time...for the annual Hoggsbreath Brunch!

    Careful there. Mine is an iPhone 4S and it works smarter than some people.
  10. Siouxman

    It's time...for the annual Hoggsbreath Brunch!

    And I couldn't care less about your mis-used phrase.
  11. Siouxman

    It's time...for the annual Hoggsbreath Brunch!

    For those who haven't made reservations yet, the Mpls. Hilton still has rooms for about $92/night plus fees. Much cheaper than anything we could find in St. Paul. Parking is extra, of course.
  12. Siouxman


    But aren't you solely responsible for the Michigan debacle?
  13. Siouxman

    It's time...for the annual Hoggsbreath Brunch!

    I believe that we will be there (2 of us) as we have tickets and hotel is booked. Just waiting to see if my travel agent has other plans for me.
  14. Siouxman

    NORTH DAKOTA @ uno - SATURDAY Gameday

    I was at the games this weekend (yes, MafiaMan, I was there) and during the Friday night game it appeared to me that Bowen got thrown out of the faceoff circle every time but once that I remember. There may have been a few other times he did not get thrown out, but that was one issue. It also appeared that he just did not have an effective game, i.e. he was pretty much unnoticed except for getting thrown out on faceoffs. That would be my guess.
  15. Siouxman

    NORTH DAKOTA vs. Denver

    I go to almost every game and was at both games in Duluth. It was depressing. UND looked totally outclassed, as if they belonged in a lower league. They were outskated, outhustled, outclassed crashing the net, ...just out of it. They don't seem to have the heart and soul. Other than the victory in Bemidji, they have looked disorganized, out of sync, and lost for quite some time. I have not seen a UND team play like this for this many games in many years. I have seen them play better earlier this year, but not lately. There is something wrong here, whether it is rampant injuries, failed team leadership, failed coaching, etc. I just don't know. But I came away from Duluth with the belief that something is just not right with this team. I believe this team will be on the road for the first round of the playoffs, not be in St. Paul for the NCHC tournament, and are not likely to make the NCAA tournament. I hope I am wrong.