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  1. I'm leaning towards out the door. So far I just haven't seen the players coached up or used to the best of their abilities. Too many times I've scratched my head trying to figure out why some guys were being played at the positions they were when they could have been better utilised somewhere else. These guys only have so many years. Need to make the most out of them while we can.
  2. For those of you who want to see baseball at UND again here is one hurdle that needs to be taken care of first. Grand Forks baseball supporters raising funds for Kraft Field
  3. I used to have a handful of the 2001 & 2003 football playoffs and championship games on VHS. Might have to dig around once more and see if I can come up with them. They seem to have disappeared one of the many times I've moved.
  4. Similar to Hak's "The Time-Out Game" huh?
  5. Anyone got links to any of the other championships?
  6. dakotadan

    2019 Season

    Just think if you had applied yourself.
  7. dakotadan

    2019 Season

    How can we have the toughest schedule if we don't play Montana?!? It's just not possible. Blows my mind.
  8. dakotadan

    Moo U Thread

    No need for people to act like immature little children all the time either.
  9. Hope he's a players' coach that is going to be able to draw some good talent here and make them want to stay and work hard for him. The number of transfers in and out during Jones' tenure got a little ridiculous at times.
  10. I like how the old one fit in architecturally with the building such as the green rods with nobs and the green and brass header. As far as the size there is no such thing as too big.
  11. I'll watch from home. Better view and replays on my 4K tv anyway. And you better believe that if a business is knowingly doing things that can hurt me I'm definitely not going to do business there.
  12. #FakeNews Pics or it didn't happen.
  13. Guessing he's a member of the Ag coaching staff sitting in the basement of the FD working on his trolling skills.
  14. dakotadan

    2018 Season

    And sexy as hell. Always had a bit of a man crush on him. Would be nice to have him another year. #nextmanup
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