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  1. dakotadan

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    Idk, UND was dumb enough to give up the Big Sky Conference willingly.
  2. dakotadan

    2018 attendance

    This ^^^
  3. dakotadan

    2018 Season

    Now you're just playing devil's advocate
  4. dakotadan

    UND - Montana Game Day Thread

  5. dakotadan

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    Just don't fall off of it.
  6. dakotadan

    2018 Season

    But the move will be better for all of us fans.
  7. dakotadan

    Bemidji State Online Options

    What happened to BSU having their games broadcast by the local PBS or cable company?
  8. dakotadan

    The Nickel Trophy

    To say that all 4 athletic departments were in very different situations in the early 2000s is an understatement. The SUs were the two most similarly situated departments with the most upside for a move. UND had the Ralph and the Al just coming online, women's soccer wasn't that old, was starting women's hockey, then had the Betty coming online. To say UND had a lot of new balls to juggle at the time is an understatement. Waiting a few years before taking on a move of the entire athletic department to DI was not a bad decision by any means. UND made the right decision at the time. How the administration played it out in the media is a whole nother mistake to discuss. But what does this have to do with UND having rivalry trophies with NDSU and USD?
  9. dakotadan

    Alerus Center Events

    For major concererts at the Al to be successful they are always going to have to pull from Fargo, Bemidji, and Devils Lake. Guessing a Bill Engvall comedy tour isn't aiming for a packed house or to draw from too large of an area.
  10. dakotadan

    2018 attendance

    That is one thing about the Big Sky. There is a surprise team every year.
  11. dakotadan

    The Betty

    I noticed it while watching the vb games last week. Looks good.
  12. dakotadan

    Bama Look A Likes

    But does he sing as good as them?!?
  13. dakotadan

    Day By Day

    Watching the video and I think I figured out why our kicking game is always slightly off...
  14. dakotadan

    What do you think of the logo now??

    It's too bad the REA doesn't have money for things like new scoreboards.
  15. dakotadan

    Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    Why is it so hard for so many to see that a healthy athletic department is very good for the overall University. And in order to have a healthy athletic department we need all of our main spectator sports to be maintaining a consistent/regular level of success. It's not an either/or situation. As long as this bickering at the fan level and financial divide at the administrative level continues UND will not be able to reach its potential. Either way, will be interesting to see if this is actually true. If they are buying new 3.8MM video boards they better be crystal #@&+)$ clear and include an ice projection system that'll blow everyone's underwear off.