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  1. Sorry, somehow missed this back in the day! Honestly, with GF Herald paywalled the last few years, I've wondered whether trying to maintain an automated news section is worth it. When I created that section a decade ago, there were something like a dozen blogs covering UND sports, in addition to the Herald. And, all of those sites had "feeds" that could be used to create an automatic list of articles. I'm not sure there's any value left in continuing to aggregate when it's just one or two sources (though leaving up the feed of official UND releases is easy enough).
  2. I just completed a version upgrade of the database software, so it's possible that some new features are changing the appearance (as happened above). Let me know if anything looks wrong and I'll get on it!
  3. Congratulations to J.B. for picking UMass and winning it all! Four people actually had 12 correct picks (all but 3 games) but none of them got the champ correct. https://siouxsports.com/hockey/bracketleaders.php All-time winners 2021 J.B. 2019 Brucesky02 / CLASSY FREDDIE BLASSIE 2018 01grad 2017 UND-1, Oxbow6, Redneksioux, iluvdebbies, Stms 2016 UND1981 / stack / nhockey30 / ringneck28 / bigskyvikes (UND National Championship year) 2015 WiSioux 2014 johndahl 2013 FSSD/Brainerd Sioux 2012 mj3und 2011 tho0505 2009 Big A HG 2008 willtippen 2007 seanpc03 2006 teamsioux 2005 mynameiscuomo 2004 paul62/BigGreyAnt41/brew003/UP2SKI
  4. The Mankato fans were oh so briefly excited...
  5. Looking good in Pittsburgh!
  6. A UND loss always shakes things out... of those who have 8 picks correct so far, only farce poobah still has his champ pick alive: https://siouxsports.com/hockey/bracketleaders.php
  7. Gee, I'm doing pretty well, except for that one pick... https://siouxsports.com/hockey/bracketleaders.php
  8. Hmmm.... I picked the Badgers to win it all. You're all welcome.
  9. There's still 1.8% of you clinging to Notre Dame... time to update that pick! https://siouxsports.com/hockey/bracketpicks.php
  10. Ah, just a stray label. Fixed it.
  11. Well, the great news is that when I was covid bored last summer, I finally rewrote the bracket app so it could be updated in like 5 minutes instead of the hour it used to take! Of course, that also means this has never been used before, so hopefully it works! Try this: https://siouxsports.com/hockey/bracket.php
  12. Wow, not at all on my radar somehow. One of those years, I guess! I'll see if I can set it up tonight!
  13. Found it. It's a new feature. It just kicks in (by default) on threads with more than 3 pages. Rather than disable it altogether, I moved it just below the first post on computers, the same as mobile. If we don't like that, I can always disable it altogether in the future, but let's try this for a few days.
  14. Oh, I see. But I don't see that in this (admin) forum. Interesting. I'll see what I can do.
  15. Here's what I see on a computer.
  16. There was a version upgrade of the software, but there isn't supposed to be any significant change in layout. On a laptop, on the front page (index of forums) I see a right-hand column with recent posts, popular posts, etc..., but that's always been there. For the people who see the empty space, is that on a computer? Do you see the recent/popular posts column?
  17. Sorry it took me a while (it was a significant topic of discussion on google threads that lots of people were struggling with the same problem, just one example), but I think I finally have it addressed. The single ad per page should be back to its previous, svelte self. Feedback always welcome!
  18. It's just a single generic google ad that tries to "dynamically" fill the width. So, I'm guessing this particular hoverboard vendor bought an ad that was more square shaped than normal (ads of that particular width are probably usually wide short rectangles). That does seem kind of obnoxious, I'll look to see if I can restrict the maximum height they can take.
  19. And now we know the cause of the security alert... dude, just go back to Danny's in Columbus.
  20. Fixed for now by rebooting. The certificate was updated as per its usual schedule, so I'm going to have to figure out what went wrong behind the scenes.
  21. Final results Congratulations to Brucesky02 and CLASSY FREDDIE BLASSIE for tying for first! An honorable mention to UNDBIZ for getting the most individual picks correct, but missing the championship game winner knocked him out.
  22. Not participating is how the Caps finally won Maybe I should pick a bunch of Lightning this year!
  23. MafiaMan and I are putting together a small token of remembrance from the community, I'm thinking a floral arrangement for the service. If you'd like to be a part of it, PM me. I'd prefer not to clog the remembrance thread with it. Thanks.
  24. Thanks for posting this. I didn't know Tim personally, but certainly knew @sprig, the loyal Sioux fan and a pillar of the SiouxSports community. He was one of the original members, back in 2001, and has been a consistent and prolific presence in the community, liked by all. He will be missed.
  25. Leaderboard UNDBIZ and Petey19 take the lead with each having two misses in the first round and both chosen Frozen Four teams correct. But, Petey19 has already lost one of his remaining Frozen Four teams (Northeastern), and there are a lot of people just 1-2 picks behind.
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