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  1. It would be very difficult as their head to head record versus BU is 0-1, BC is 0-1, and St. Cloud is 0-2. They are already losing the comparison with BU and they currently have the higher RPI. They will not be able to flip this comparison. They also will not be able to flip the comparison with BC because of lack of common opponents left to play (BC has some possibilities, but even losing out these common opponents wouldn't flip that comparison. Denver could possibly get past St. Cloud and UND by flipping the RPI comparison and not losing if they were to meet head to head one more time (I am assuming if they met head to head one more time there would not be an opportunity to pass either team as that head to head matchup would be at the Frozen Faceoff, leaving too little time to come up with the RPI points. They could also pass Providence and Quinnipiac if they flip the RPI. Bottom line is Denver would have to pass numerous teams in the RPI category to jump into a top seed and their PWR loss to BU could force them into tie breaker scenarios.
  2. If UND is a 1 seed in front of St. Cloud, they will be placed in St. Paul. The 1 seeds always get to play closest to home beginning with the number 1 overall, then number 2 overall, etc.. The NCAA would love for this to happen because of UND's potential attendance turnout in St. Paul compared to St. Cloud. Cincinnati's attendance will be poor regardless of who goes there, including Michigan. Look at the B1G tourney attendance in Detroit last year.
  3. Again how is it difficult to pass St. Cloud if Quinnipiac won this weekend? If Quinnipiac loses again UND will pass them, as long as UND continues to win.
  4. UND gets ahead of St. Cloud if its RPI gets higher than theirs (Quinnipiac has nothing to do with it). Quinnipiac has already sealed the comparison with St. Cloud due to their head yo head wins an one common opponent that they split the comparison. UND currently has the common opponents comparison over St. Cloud, but is losing the RPI comparison, which is the tiebreaker. If UND and St. Cloud play at the frozen faceoff, the winner of that most likely will have the fast track to St. Paul. It's best not to worry about the pairwise until the conference tourneys are over. It is very fluid with every game having an effect on every team's RPI.
  5. There is not a way for St. Cloud to take over first in the pairwise unless there is a 3 way tie or Quinnipiac drops out of the top 3 in rpi. They cannot overcome Quinnipiac's comparison win versus them since they have the same record against common opponents with no more common opponents coming up and they were swept by Quinnipiac earlier in the year. The only way they end up first is if Quinnipiac begins losing and falls back in the rpi, thus losing pairwise comparisons to multiple teams other than St. Cloud, or if there is a 3 way tie as there was last night briefly, where the tie is broken by rpi. But to answer your question I would say a game in the cities in front of a home crowd would be more of a benefit.
  6. No, not a joke. I just called the box office at Scheels Arena and got 4 ticket packages.
  7. Are these things just a myth or did any of you pick some of these up?
  8. I know it's a long shot, but I am looking to see if anyone has any extra High Point Bar and Grill tickets they would be able to part with. PM me or give me a call/text at 218-779-9742 if you do. Thanks!
  9. Michigan tech will most likely have to play St. Cloud, as the other three number two seeds are NCHC teams. I am guessing tech gets moved to the Midwest for attendance and plays St. Cloud there, and Omaha plays the gophers in fargo.
  10. If there are five or more teams from one conference they can and will. UND, Denver, and Wisconsin were all in the same regional one year with Wisconsin hosting. I believe Wisconsin hosted and played denver in the first round. We beat Wisconsin on a kozek o.t. goal to go to the frozen four. I believe it may have been 08
  11. BU beat the USA U18 team, but lost to the USA U20 world jr. Team
  12. Looking to buy 3 tickets to the U18 game on Saturday, January 3rd.
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