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  1. Saturday St. Clown. We have three (3) in Section 110. Row G. $100 for all three. Valley 4000 pickup. Or meet at game. SOLD.
  2. My solid condolences to Sprig's family and friends. Death is never easy. Especially when sudden. Tim was a fine fine man from where I sat. Long live his spirit, often found well raging here. Wrap yourselves up in memories of him. Sonofagun. Life can be tough. But always beautiful.
  3. I can't bet cash anymore. I am a beat up gambler long on the mend. However, I always propose a standard wager that well backs most people down. How about if I win, you drop everything in your life and follow me. You win, I'll give you a solid shout out on your favorite platform. Deal? Enjoy the rest of the season Franchise.
  4. 2019 National Champs. All ye of little faith. Book it.
  5. I'll check with my crowd. Good chance that we will be there, at least some of us. I get disheartened by those who are without faith. North Dakota will go out to Denver and win, even if in part because DU takes a rest. We beat SCSU next Friday, the 22nd. We beat CC for the trophy. We go to Fargo to win two. We head to Buffalo and bring home #9. Book it. Anyone who wants to dump their West Tickets for sixty percent of face, speak up now or forever hold your lack of faith. It's March. Crunch Time. Tell that Hoggsbreath guy to be ready. And to maybe send out a complimentary plate of poutine for all of the business you have garnered for him over the years Scott.
  6. Looking to give away three (3) Section 110 tickets. To two parents and a child, or to one parent with two kids. No imposters or posers please. TICKETS HAVE BEEN CLAIMED.
  7. We have two or three (2-3) tickets to the Friday Western Michigan game. Section 110, Row G. $25 each. Call 612.201.3239. Tickets in Grand Forks near Alerus Center.
  8. Have long time Sioux fan, my daughter, coming to town over this weekend. Looking for two (2) tickets to each game. Lower Bowl preferred but not necessary. Price point is more important. Please call or text 612.201.3239 if any. I'll be in GF, and through Fargo, this weekend and regularly between now and then. Thanks. NDH
  9. Three (3) Section 110 tickets for tonight's regular season finale. Saturday. March 3. Saint Clown. Senior Night. Big house. Big win. Sorry. Husky fans need not apply. I have a restraining order that prevents me from sitting within twenty seats of you. Call or text 612.201.3239. Tickets in Grand Forks near Valley 4000. $40 each.
  10. Thanks for this heads up. Did not think that there would be any left for us proletariat.
  11. Damned straight. Vendors gotta be bummed big time. Maybe I do understand why the other regional crowds look so skinny. Wish more fans had stayed but totally get why they would want to leave. I'd want to talk to those refs too. That's why God gave us trunks.
  12. Why would they leave? Each can use another year of development. Practice rather than games. One shot to the NHL. The guys of late making it to the bigs are the ones who hung around for a few years. Lots depends on chemistry too. I am pretty sure that these guys like each other but hey, remember, I've no sources. As always, whatever happens will happen. No shame in the way this season ended. Three great closing games with probably the three best teams in the country. That's what hurts. We are North Dakota Hockey. Lots of rock solid guys coming back. And another batch of recruits coming in. Anybody got a sugar beet planting job for me?
  13. Damned straight Sic. Believe. Tech rolls. Until they finally get rolled. In the Championship game.
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