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Miami (OH) @ UND - Friday Gameday


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30 minutes ago, brianvf said:

That's what everyone was saying after the Fri night UNO game though too...and the next night UNO took the shootout win.
They need to show that they can have this same level of intensity for two nights in a row.

…and I’m sure many said how bad we were against Denver.  Miami had a decent non conference start, and not having a few top guys on a team short on talent didn’t help I’m sure.  I think the turning point where they really started playing bad was after the major on the hit on Portz.  Not a big fan of that, being that Portz was extending for the puck and leaving himself open, but we have seen it bite us, as there doesn’t seem to be the need to protect yourself.  Jump on them early tomorrow as well and hopefully they have a drop off after that as well.


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15 minutes ago, Bleedn Green said:

Can definitely see the drop off in talent tonight from playing DU last weekend.  D is playing better tonight.  #11 needs to be moved up!

 He has been one of our best players so far this season...

The problem has been that even our “grinders” have been very inconsistent in effort and being dog on bone, so it was hard to figure out who to sit.  If we keep getting effort like that it makes it easier to sit guys like Kunz if the effort isn’t there or they take bad penalties.  Costantini was very noticeable tonight as well, and was hoping he would get the monkey off his back like Caulfield did, but I think the jump in his game was there so hopefully it’s a matter of time.

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4 minutes ago, KCSioux said:

Fun game to watch last night, watched it after I got home from a Casey Donahew concert (awesome show!!) so was the game. I think tonight tells us whether the team has improved or was it the quality of the competition. 

Nice to see some goals. Fun atmosphere. Good win but Miami is one of the worst NCHC teams I've seen in years. Expect a closer game tonight but a win nonetheless.

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Great win, and one they had to have. Good to see some offense,(finally) and putting 7 on the board. Most of the goals were on a odd man rush and power play,so hoping tonight we continue the trend and have some long sustained play development in the miami zone. 

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3 hours ago, InHeavenThereIsNoBeer said:

Take this fwiw as I’m no pro but Goon your picture taking skills have taken leaps and bounds from when you started, these are solid

Thanks, you can see the rest of my photos here. I was telling a friend of mine, I take 100's of pictures to get 20-30 decent shots.

I was in Medora with my camera in June, I realized I'd never taken a picture of anything other than hockey or football, so, I had to send Russ Hons a Facebook DM to ask him out to take a photo outdoors. :) 

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