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Miami (OH) @ UND - Friday Gameday


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1 hour ago, stoneySIOUX said:



13 extra skater


Scratched: Moore, Monty, McLaughlin, Bast, Kunz

Moore injured, McLaughlin out with an illness.

That first line could be fun.
And good to see the shutdown line back.  They should have been together last weekend against DU.

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Just now, brianvf said:

I guess no one wants to pay to see the team in 7th place.  :(  ;) 

If you have season tickets - and will not be at game that night - give those tickets to a grocery store to pass out to a family with children that could not afford a trip to a game.  Help build a fan base.

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1 minute ago, BigGreyAnt41 said:

That one had flavors of the Boeser/Cagguila goal from the 2016 title game.

For sure.
Senden with the speed up the wing, nice read by Jammer to realize that he couldn't get off a good shot from that in tight, so throws it back to Hain.
Great goal.

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