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  1. Since they fixed the Chromecast issue 2 weeks ago have watched every pod game without any problem. YAY, Go Sioux, last day in Omapod!
  2. NCHCtv app working here too via Chromecast. Had to load latest update from App store though.
  3. Yeah, another senior moment, sorry. Sidearm sent email indicating they are working on it and will update their progress next week.
  4. Love using Chromecast via IPhone but it still won't cast games from the NCHCtv app on my phone. Worked last year. Still no response from Sidearm. No issues casting from any other apps. Am I missing something?
  5. Updated app on iPhone this AM and no new look from yesterday. Cast still does not work. Chromecast works with all my other apps just fine. Yet to hear back from sidearm about the issue. Last year same thing for the 1st 2 NCHCtv weekends. Video tries to load on the TV screen then stops though games still can be seen on my phone. Laptop/HDMI is old reliable for us.
  6. IPhone app works now and also yesterday, just couldn't cast and missed half the UMD game trying to get it to work before saying screw it! Taking no chances today by using the hard wire method from the get go.
  7. Good feed from pc with hdmi cord. Tried to do Chromecast off phone app but couldn't. Back to the 'good ol' days.' Annoying.
  8. We use Chromecast to the TV from our NCHC tv app on our phones. More convenient than when we used to do it from our PC with HDMI cord. Also family in another city downloaded the NCHC tv app using our credentials on their Smart tv with Hulu and watched all the games we did last year. Neulion didn't let us do that. Hope Sidearm Sports let's us do that again.
  9. Enjoyed all our FF's, but St. Louis not our fav. Thought Milwaukee in '06 was better. Did go to a cool Coyote Ugly bar, a blues bar and a haunted house for dinner, plus the Arch.
  10. Anyone know if Ticketmaster has sent out refunds yet? Looks like their prices are now significantly higher/seat for next year's event.
  11. With the recent events that have taken place and the game has been postponed until Oct 2021, these are the options right now we have for people that were on our charter planes. So here is the 3 options available for people right now. We can move your deposit to next year and keep your seat on the charter. Final payment would not be due until August of 2021. You have up until 30 days before we leave to find someone to take your place on the charter and then whomever you find, make sure I get the name of the people that are taking your spots and then we can have them g
  12. Wondering if anyone who booked on the Stengl Travel charters out of GF have heard anything about a refund? Called and left a message plus emailed the agent with no response.
  13. Schlossman's article says event is scrapped since and Excel Energy owns the rights to the 2021 Hall of Fame Game. It is doubtful the game will be in Nashville next year. Too much planning has to be done for that to happen.
  14. Source or when is an official announcement expected if anyone knows?
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