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  1. Bucci’s best “the fighting gophers”
  2. Tough, home page here didn’t change so why keep coming here?
  3. Same BIG $#!+ show refs who did the ship show/ GPL
  4. The Has-Beens podcasts with Trevor Olson & Gage Ausmus began in 12/21 are awesome ‘must listen to’.
  5. Largest roster is AIC (32), smallest DU (26) Sioux- 27, again/CHN
  6. Agreed, was simply saying average age is often an excuse as to why some disparage others for having older players while puffing their chests as to their greatness or lack of it.
  7. Been tired all season of hearing from a ‘certain’ fan base how young they are! Per CHN- 21/22 # of underclassmen (Fr/So) on roster of each tourney team. SCSU- 8 QU- 10 MN- 11 Irish- 11 UMD- 11 AIC- 12 MSU- 12 MTU- 13 UMass- 13 UML- 13 Harvard- 15 NE- 15 MI- 15 Sioux- 16 DU- 17 WM- 19
  8. For those with Charter/Spectrum, Beavs & Purple Cows on now, MSU channel
  9. https://www.nhl.com/news/c-331929910 Chabot out with Sen for season
  10. Since they fixed the Chromecast issue 2 weeks ago have watched every pod game without any problem. YAY, Go Sioux, last day in Omapod!
  11. NCHCtv app working here too via Chromecast. Had to load latest update from App store though.
  12. Yeah, another senior moment, sorry. Sidearm sent email indicating they are working on it and will update their progress next week.
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