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  1. Wonder where they rented the cheerleaders from too?
  2. It’s the old, fat, alumni fans fault.
  3. Ok, I get it, never said any coaches would be offended but alums. Class of ‘77 here & proud of it as are my classmates, friends & family. Got no beef with you personally, all good.
  4. Just wondering where allegiances lie. Know several alums, on this board & around the Midwest are offended from bashing individuals (players/coaches) & the negativity + sense of entitlement some choose to hold on to. Time to move on, it is what it is, our storied hockey program will go on with life in general. My only entitlement is that dinky social check 1x/mo. I’ll hang up now & listen.
  5. Here’s a comparison for ya …… NC$$ D1 basketball has 351 teams & counting, D1 hockey, 64 & counting. C’mon people, enjoy what UND has. Kentucky only has bouncy ball really and IMO, their alumni can’t hold a candle to ours in support of our Alma Mater, be it hockey, fb, bb, or whatever.
  6. Jeez Louise, 2 pages left to read with more of the same. Sounds like millennials vs boomers thread…. Mr. T and I finally filled our bucket list of seeing them win in Tampa. Loved all our travels supporting the team despite all the disappointment over those 16 years. Gotta take time to smell the roses instead of the losing stench & smelly hockey sweat.
  7. https://kdal610.com/2024/04/02/scott-sandelin-unfiltered-on-transfer-portal/ Dislike the portal as well but Ciskie writes so sanctimoniously regarding anything UMD.
  8. IMO, the tide is turning in these times & UND, Sioux, & city may be a breath of fresh air in comparison to the burbs for recruits & their parents.
  9. Just me maybe, but ice looked bad in MO. Lotsa falling but goes both ways. Think skate dude is all over that. Go Sioux!
  10. Colby vs Clymer is like BC vs MN, yuk to both.
  11. Lunatics were loud when Mateo scored but camera man missed them
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