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UND @ WMU - Friday Gameday


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9 minutes ago, The Sicatoka said:

Albrecht in with Montgomery, Budy*, Hain* as forwards not in. Suddenly our depth at forward is disturbingly suspect

So, is Bast or Johnson taking shifts at fourth line right wing in practice yet? :unsure:



I said it in one of the Cornell threads. Forward depth is this teams biggest weakness. That 4th line is awful.

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5 minutes ago, siouxnatty#8 said:

Albrecht would have been my other choice.  Maybe even above Portz.

But Albrecht is snakebit, he just can't score and we can't waste the opportunities 27 and 19 generate.   


As someone I know says ... he couldn't score with a $20 bill in a two-dollar whore house. 

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11 minutes ago, The Sicatoka said:

Plans are useless ... but planning is indispensable. 

For all we know this roster card is "for show" and things will change on first line change. 

I just think we play our best hockey in a tight checking close game and we need a third person on Senden's line to help fill that role and I really think Albercht's game of playing the body very well fits right in with their game.  We just aren't built to play firewagon hockey.

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40 minutes ago, siouxnatty#8 said:

We need a third Junk Yard Dog on that line not a scorer. 

What team have you been watching this year? Hain, Jammer and Senden do a ton of our scoring and they have been the go to line to shut someone down! We’ve got a really short bench, in case you haven’t noticed. 

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