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  1. I’ll go out on a limb and say that if Mishmash, GUchi, Adams, keirstad. Etc.; if any of those wanted to play a fifth year Berry would have allowed it. Calder will be in a different situation than this past years seniors, he would be playing a fifth year of hockey but only two with UND. It is speculation that really doesn’t matter at this point, he hasn’t even suited up yet for UND. If he has a terrific year next year, he’ll sign with his NHL team. If he has a mediocre year,......?
  2. So we should anticipate more scoring from our defense next year? The younger guys should increase with more ice time in critical situations and it appears that Ferner and Jandric have proven to produce points.
  3. Much speculation I’ve been reading but need help to fill in the blanks, we want 15 forwards, 8 defensemen and 3/4 goalies on the roster, is that correct? We have 10 forwards unless I’m missing something: Weatherby, Senden, Jamernick, Gaber, Hain, Caufield, Blaisdell, Budy, Ness and Albrecht We have 4 defensemen; Sanderson, Frisch, Kleven and Moore We have 1 goalie (Thome is supposedly in the portal so not counting him) Feeney We need 5 forwards and it appears we have 3 figured out: Porto, Schmaltz and Ford (what about Adams and Keane Are they a possibility?) so need 2 We need 4 D and appears that Bast Jr is coming along with 3 not determined (what about Bast Sr?) Are there some source of surprises other than the portal where we might see a rabbit pulled out of Brads hat? We could use quality forward like a Cruikshank but we need a goalie, even if Thome comes back and we need a couple D no matter what.
  4. I too am confused with game time(s). The Forum says 530, USCHO says 530 and College Hockey News says 630. Also conflicting times with other games today.
  5. Thought he signed a NHL contract recently
  6. UND, BC, Mankato, Gophers St Clown, UMass, Q, Wisconsin Mich, Duluth, BU, Bemidji AIC, Omaha, Providnece, LSSU
  7. Since Hain sucks I suppose we should fire Berry too?
  8. Say what you want about the refs not calling holding on DU, they did not call much on either team, they let them play and I thought it went both ways, the penalty in OT should have been 5, but calling a game in the playoffs/conference tourney is a little different than regular season. The refs did not determine the outcome. Denver played well with what they had for a lineup!
  9. If Opieha gets in the show and Denver doesn’t, it would be because their AD is on the committee! Denver is the better team, they finished the season with the same number of wins as O, but had two fewer games, both against CC, that would have been one or two more wins for DU.
  10. Did anyone else hear him call one icing a FACING?
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