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  1. It is a god problem for the coaching staff to have. No matter what they have to sit one or two excellent defensemen, Johnny may play tomorrow and Frisch may sit! They must have decided they need an extra forward more than an extra D and Casey can play heavy which might also be needed. It is a series where an injury or ejection could happen and it’s easier to play five D then to play short up front.
  2. D men seem to stay in college longer than forwards if they are high draft picks. Also, he is young, he is expediting HS classes so he can come next year. My uneducated guess, 3 or 4 years. With his youth, family support, the confidence his family has in the program and the type of training he will get in Grand Forks he will be ready to step right in with the team who drafts him after 4 years! His dad will convince him that four years at UND is better than leaving early, unless he is ready early to step right in to the big team!
  3. Wrong place but did not know where else to ask. Is game tonight vs USA 18’s on any tv or stream?
  4. I think picking one over the other to be a difficult decision. Each contribute something to their team. Making all the other comparisons from last years to this years team, they improved in every other situation (Frisch for Shaw, Blaisdell for Hoff, Caufield for JJ, Pinto for Gardner) and stayed close to even after losing Jones with the Michaud pickup. Michaud said he chose UND because he wanted to help bring #9, he had the choice to go to any team in the country. I’m guessing he did his research and saw something special!
  5. There were questions, after the last two seasons, about how good this years team would be. The preseason experts had us 5th in the NCHC and not in the top 16 nationally. When you compare the line up this year to last, it is easy to see that this years team is better, but the surprise is that the level of improvement is so great. I think we all would agree that last years team was a little better than it’s record indicates. UND was playing well at the end of last season and if it had made it in to the NCAA’s would have been THE team no one wanted to play. Defensively 7 of 8 returned and you would expect that each returning player would improve from one year to another. I feel that Frisch is a positive for the team as the only new defensemen who replaced Shaw. With a healthy Bast, or with 8 healthy defensemen, it will be interesting to see who will dress. Offensively again all returnees improved from last year as you would expect. But the replacements have been much better than the people they have replaced, in my opinion. Blaisdell better than JJ, Caufield better than Hoff, Michaud better than Jones (although Jones is the most missed offensive player from last year) and Pinto has helped the team more than Gardner ever did. Gardner was a great face off man, but he was not consistent doing anything else for the team. Getting a healthy Scheel back has obviously been positive. In my opinion, the team’s success is not as surprising as it would seem. Hope they continue to excel! Go Sioux! Does Thome get a game on the 28th? I hope so and also that Albrecht would see some time.
  6. Since Denver is the HOST, they will be in Loveland no matter where they are seeded. If Both UND and Mankato are #1 seeds and Denver is not a #1 seed, the higher ranked of the other two will go to CO, I think!
  7. Using “What If” calculator, if the Sioux only split/get 3 point each series their remaining conference games, I could not find a scenario where they would finish lower than 3rd in the conference. Assuming they do better than split, they will have home ice and be a #1 or #2 seed in March. Let’s just hope they stay healthy. As well as they are playing, they have excellent healthy scratches each series so they can handle a couple short term injuries, just none of those season ending ones. I’d like to see Thome on December 28. They’ll need to replace Pinto and JDB for that one too. Any chance Albrecht will see the ice this year?
  8. Big ice works in their favor, they both play and practice on it, we don’t. They are young and not as physical so they have more room to run. We should win two, but I expect a split. I want the sweep, but this one will be difficult.
  9. The obvious would be more experience and good new players. But it comes down to what Karl Goehring brings to the bench compared to who he replaced being the biggest difference!
  10. Definitely! Karl will be a head coach somewhere before long. He is a very smart guy who knows the game! If Berry leaves for some reason, I vote Karl for head coach.
  11. Smith is/was as unheralded as they come, not much expected of him when he arrived on campus. Senden, same thing. Bowen, some have questioned his place on this team, Reiger too. This current team is a culmination of some studs who were expected to produce and some who were not. The entire lineup on the ice both nights all contributed and made plays, many of which were unnoticed by the common fan. We can question the coaches all we want, but they’re looking quite intelligent today.
  12. MIDCO carrying game tonight, does that mean that Eric Heinert and Jake will do the game?
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