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  1. Hopefully they will all wait and compare options. Even first round draft picks have no where else to actually PLAY right now either.
  2. I remember when we only had 17 healthy players, they did well and some players stepped up who had not seen much ice that season. But, how many can we carry on the roster? I do not mean to belittle Albrecht. Keene is a valuable forward who we will count on next year. Reiger may be in a defenseman numbers crunch if it comes down to losing one of our D recruits. So, how many we can carry on the roster? Is that a viable option to the numbers problem we may face next year. Carry more than we need and make everyone earn their ice time? It is just a question that I do not know the answer for.
  3. Not necessarily in these positions but this team without new blood would make the top 15 pairwise: Three lines that would play on any team in the country and two sets of D that would also play major minutes anywhere: Mishmash-Adams-Guchi Weatherby-Pinto-Caulfield Hain-Senden-Blaisdell Keane-Albrect-Reiger Kierstad JDB Frisch Bast We’re pretty sure of some who are coming in but not all, Berry has some difficult decisions to make. He will have to do his best to convince someone(s) to hold back another year. I know there is a limit to how many can dress, but what is the limit of how many he can carry on the roster. If he does not know what to do with one of his returnees or recruits can he carry an extra player (defenseman) who may not see much ice unless we have injuries? Albrecht, for example, is a practice player and it appears he will not see ice time except for an exhibition game, how many can we carry like him rather than cut a returning player? Does he shorten the number we can have on the roster?
  4. How many more Dogs will jump ship? Does anyone else feel bad about that?
  5. Those are all good players and maybe would be great captains too. Guys in the past like “The General”, Lamoureux, MacWilliam were not considered great players, good yes but not great, but he/they were the kind of captain who team mates listened to. I don’t know the personalities of these guys well enough to comment much. Senden seems to be that guy who would skate through a brick wall, so he would be my choice. Maybe some one knows more than I, just that because you are a good athlete does not always equate to good captain.
  6. I see those already suggested, Senden and Weatherby taking on big roles as leaders by example. Also think that Blaisdell has some Michaud/Bowen type ability that will come out as he matures, I think he will be a very good guy on PK. Kierstad too will step up and maybe someone will surprise us. Their is a ton of talent on this team and most of those guys were leaders and/or captains of other teams they have played on.
  7. Actually Ben Blood was my favorite hockey name!
  8. With Gucci and Kierstad returning even if we lose JDB or Pinto, we don’t want to lose either, we have a ton of talent to figure out how to keep everyone happy. Who comes in, who is asked to play another year of juniors, and who could we lose (recruits or current players) besides JT?
  9. I too am sad to see him go, he was very good but unfortunately so were most of the D men on a very talented team! I have to agree with some others that the coaches know better than I on how to handle these things and what is best for the future of this team. We have a ton of D talent coming in next year, if both JDB and K stay, something had to give.
  10. I got fooled myself yesterday morning by my wife on a non-hockey matter. So since around noon yesterday I’ve been waiting for the the annual Sioux Hockey April fools joke. JT really is leaving, right?
  11. Could someone who knows how to do so set u a separate thread for kids burning out or not in elementary school? I actually find those discussions interesting but they are not 2020 early departures.
  12. Playing in front of their fans has to be a big draw, Western’s got to have the best fans in the country. I know that we love our team at UND, but their fans are crazy and their arena allows them to be lunatics. They have a very good coaching staff and they have proven to be successful getting players ready for the next level.
  13. Who can’t love that guy, bigger and stronger than he looks, great motor and am sure he’ll succeed at the next level or die trying! Never flashy, but one of my favorite players over the last four years!
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