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  1. 3-0 Smith, Senden, Frisch and Scheel with the shutout!
  2. We have to suffer listening to these homer play-by-play and color guys from Duluth, St. Clown or where-ever when it is the other teams broadcast crew. I like how Jake especially and Alex too tell it like it is, fair both ways and not just homer type announcers. Hennessy is pretty much the same, calls a referee’s call good or bad whether it was our teams or theirs. I especially like what Jake brings to the booth and to the games, he talks like he is just one of the guys but he knows his game.
  3. What ever happened to Christian Cake-eater, cant remember his name.
  4. mattim

    BSU @ UND

    I know that ratings and rankings mean almost nothing this time of year. But, can anyone explain how USCHO pairwise could have UND #2 and CHN has UND #4?
  5. Does anyone know what Carson Albrecht might bring to the team? Does not sound like he is expected to crack the lineup anytime early in the season. Any way to compare his ability to guys that played in more skilled league? Coaches must have seen something in him.
  6. Does anyone have an idea why Berry has not made his roster official? Is there some potential last minute recruit we don’t know about? It would appear obvious that there are 5 spots open, 4 F and 1 D, so why wait? Could there be anyone but Blaisdell, Pinto, Cuafield, Michaud as forwards and Frisch as the D man? Would they carry an extra player since they can dress one more and have had so many injuries the past few years? Does any other team carry more than 23 skaters on their roster?
  7. Anyone know when the roster and captains will be officially named? Did that already happen and I missed it?
  8. Jason was told as a Pee Wee that he was too small to play Bantams, he was told as a Bantam that he was too small to play HS and then he would never be big enough to play college. He was a wise ass kid who never let his size be his problem. He grew up in my back yard, literally, used to bully some of the neighbor kids, but he always out preformed his size! If Jackson is like his dad, watch out. We got a keeper, hope he stays 4 years we he gets here.
  9. New schedule says for December 28 “at US Under 18” where will that game be played?
  10. So your telling me we don’t have Tomey, can we call back Tomek?
  11. Makes me at least consider that Thome’s undisclosed is that he doesn’t see much ice in his future at UND? No matter what we need three capable goalies able to play, not unheard of to have two go down the same week or weekend!
  12. Anyone know where to watch the games on Friday and Saturday with Canisus? TV? Do they have a live stream?
  13. TH is great, we’re lucky to have him on the radio just like we are lucky to have Alex and Jake from State Farm on MIDCO. Those clowns who did the UMD game were so one-sided they made us laugh, at least I thought they were trying to be funny with some of their homer comments. Our guys are homers, but they aren’t always wearing green glasses and their comments are generally fair to both teams. They won’t try to make us “unsee” what we just saw on the ice, like Wolf’s Saturday major was just a good clean hit, not even worth 2 minutes, after they showed it 5 times and he hit Smith in the head & Wolf his skates to do so every time they showed it! As for UND this year, we will have to win a lot of 2-1 games. We can play defensively but obviously are having trouble putting it in the net. Getting healthy will help a ton, but even that will not give us another 3 goals/game. The Dogs series at Duluth was huge for us. Yes we lost 5-0, but take out the 2nd period or if Scheel had played the entire game or if Thome had not temporarily lost focus, Friday may have been respectable. Still a split on the road against a top 5 team is always acceptible. I’m guessing UMD will soon be ranked #1 again and may stay there most of the season. On the other end, Duluth’s goalie was on fire, we could have had 4 more goals over the weekend had he played a normal game(s). We won’t run over anyone this year, but if we can keep it close or low scoring, we will do all right. It’s not even Christmas break yet and we’re not healthy. Get everyone back from injuries, use the break to work on the things we need to improve on and hopefully 2019 will be enough to stay in the top 12 pairwise! Anything can happen if we just make it to the regional!
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