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  1. I see those already suggested, Senden and Weatherby taking on big roles as leaders by example. Also think that Blaisdell has some Michaud/Bowen type ability that will come out as he matures, I think he will be a very good guy on PK. Kierstad too will step up and maybe someone will surprise us. Their is a ton of talent on this team and most of those guys were leaders and/or captains of other teams they have played on.
  2. With Gucci and Kierstad returning even if we lose JDB or Pinto, we don’t want to lose either, we have a ton of talent to figure out how to keep everyone happy. Who comes in, who is asked to play another year of juniors, and who could we lose (recruits or current players) besides JT?
  3. I too am sad to see him go, he was very good but unfortunately so were most of the D men on a very talented team! I have to agree with some others that the coaches know better than I on how to handle these things and what is best for the future of this team. We have a ton of D talent coming in next year, if both JDB and K stay, something had to give.
  4. I got fooled myself yesterday morning by my wife on a non-hockey matter. So since around noon yesterday I’ve been waiting for the the annual Sioux Hockey April fools joke. JT really is leaving, right?
  5. Could someone who knows how to do so set u a separate thread for kids burning out or not in elementary school? I actually find those discussions interesting but they are not 2020 early departures.
  6. Playing in front of their fans has to be a big draw, Western’s got to have the best fans in the country. I know that we love our team at UND, but their fans are crazy and their arena allows them to be lunatics. They have a very good coaching staff and they have proven to be successful getting players ready for the next level.
  7. Who can’t love that guy, bigger and stronger than he looks, great motor and am sure he’ll succeed at the next level or die trying! Never flashy, but one of my favorite players over the last four years!
  8. Yes, possible but unlikely. If, as I see worst case scenario, we split with O, take the best of three from CC and just show up to Frozen Four we’ll maintain overall #1. OBVIOUSLY we want to do better than that but we can still rest an injured player if need be!
  9. If I read Jim Dahl correctly, PWR calculator, UND has the overall #1 seed in the bag. 6 points next weekend or 0. Is that a correct interpretation?
  10. If we are not techie enough to sync with Tim, how is it done? Or what is the alternative tonight with FSN?
  11. With the review the refs only options were, NO CALL or FIVE MINUTES!
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