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  1. mattim

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    CHN shows the UND 18-19 roster with him on it, it also has Wolanin and Gersich, but when it shows recruits Randklev is not amongst them. I was searching for a roster and that was the only place I found one. It shows too many defensemen, but minus Wolanis and move Johnson to forward and they got that right. If you take away Gersich and Huber, move Johnson to forward, they have an extra guy which would be Randklev. Was just surprised to see his name there for this season and not listed with recruits. CHN must have it wrong.
  2. mattim

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    When was Randklev added to 2018-2019 roster? Thought he was coming next year.
  3. mattim

    University of North Dakota Hockey 2017-18 Season

    Unscientific statistic: average pairwise rank of all teams in each conference, NCHC average is 13th, BIG ave is 14th, Hockey East ave is 30th, ECAC ave is 33rd, WCHA ave is 37th, Atlantic ave is 42nd and independents ave is 53rd (Arizona State. What is interesting when you look at some of the teams that are often contending for NCAA's are not in the picture. Each conference other than NCHC and BIG have some very weak teams.
  4. mattim

    University of North Dakota Hockey 2017-18 Season

    Who the hell did Colgate tie? Brown, Clarkson, Dartmouth, Princeton, Rensselear, Bentley, Canisius, Holy Cross........? Hardly a WCHA or NCHC level!
  5. mattim

    University of North Dakota Hockey 2017-18 Season

    I am as disappointed as everyone else. The NCHC is without argument the best conference in the NCAA., but you all know that. We are not as good as St Could this year or Denver. We are as good as the other five and have played up with the Clowns and Denver. I am not going to try to give stats but we must have set a record for ties. I am not predicting that we win a banner (St Cloud must already have the one for most ties), but we are capable of playing with any team in the country. There is still time for some surprises, maybe not gong to knock anyone big out of it, but could happen. They've got us outnumbered, our goalie's not that good, but....forgot what I was going to say next
  6. mattim


    Don't feel too bad. Four of us got together last night, we're in FL for the winter, and one guy had a WCHC account, so he streamed to his TV. Both audio and video were terrible to start the game and the audio and video were not in sync most of the evening. We decided to just shut off the sound, listened to Tim and watched the not too bad video. Part of the game the radio was ahead of the TV but the latter part of the game the video was ahead of the radio. Even the WHCA audio was off the video. Makes us realize how good it is to have the equipment that the Ralph has. Tonight will be much better!
  7. mattim

    Refs like Denver

    I thought Frank Serratore absolutely nailed it with his comments. He did not act like a whiner or sore loser, he made the point that his team got hosed. AF is not as skilled or speedy as DU and many fans who have not experienced the reffing advantage that DU has received this year will think that Frank had to have his boys clutch, grab and poke more than normal just to try to keep pace. I too lost every once of respect I had for Monty on the weekend UND played there in November. It is hard to like opposing players or coaches, but Monty WAS one I actually liked. All coaches should stand up for their bench, some do it with dignity like Serratore, Blais or Berry and then their is Montgomery. That series and the series DU had vs the Clowns a week previous put Motzko way ahead of Monty in the most likely opposing NCHC coach to succeed category.
  8. mattim

    NORTH DAKOTA @ St. Cloud State

    I don't love Motzko, but I hate him less than Montgomery
  9. mattim


    Who was Plant drafted by? How do you think they feel about Monty playing an injured player?
  10. mattim


    The Smith penalty was enough for NCHC to take a look at it’s officials. Add on Monty’s influence to both that penalty and the disallowed goal, they should reprimand Monty too! The worst part of Monty’s weekend is that he brought back a player who was obviously still injured and exposed him to further injury! We all assume that UND has been too cautious when our players are injured, they are never allowed on the ice in game situation until 100%! If I was a parent or friend of a future DU recruit or player I would be outraged that a coach would do that to a player on his team.
  11. mattim

    University of North Dakota Hockey 2017-18 Season

    I just checked and the Manitoba game vs Sioux is to be on NCHC tv at 7:07 PM
  12. mattim

    PairWise Rankings

    There is statically a chance that only the top 11 in the current pairwise will make the tourney, unlikely but possible. Canisius, Ohio State, Quin, BC and St Clown are not in the top 16 but could theoretically win their perspective conference tourneys. Obviously if the clowns are in the Sioux are out no matter what, but assume that the other four make it the Sioux then must be in the top 12! Sweeping the clowns should put them in the top 11 or better, one would think! Of the five teams mentioned it is a strong possibility that two or three will make it. No one would be surprised to see BC win their tourney. The BIG FU is a toss up. Quin is down but not out. Canisius is tied for first before the tourney.
  13. mattim

    NORTH DAKOTA @ WMU - FRIDAY Gameday ********

    I say he does, but I need some odds!
  14. mattim


    Rinks will give us a chance to win, he deserves more credit than he is given.