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  1. I could Kunz developing into a power forward similar to Vandevelde, I like the game Kunz plays. Very good down low along the boards.
  2. I guess my point is that all this misery may be because we are ahead of the curve and brought in a full freshman class.
  3. I don’t think many people ever disagreed that we don’t need blue chippas.
  4. What will happen to the teams that didn’t bring in many young players from their pipeline this year. What will be the consequences next year is my question.
  5. Just an analysis for what it’s worth. Most of our seniors left and we are trying desperately to fill the voids that created but what is going to happen to teams like Western and St. Cloud that held on to their seniors for a 5th year next year when the mass exodus and they didn’t bring in many young players this year. Yes the transfer portal helps but you just don’t get elite players for transfers generally. Are we going through this year what many teams will be going through next year when they lose their 5th year seniors. Are we possibly experiencing this pain 1 year earlier than say Western or St Cloud that has 5 th year seniors
  6. Didn’t Cornell have something like 14 freshman on their roster?
  7. Blue Chippas can also buy into the culture i.e Jonathan Toews and T. J. Oshie among a long laundry list of others. High talent elite players that are Sioux through and through.
  8. Lately outside of Sanderson and Kleven we seem to be getting a lot of 4 yearas.
  9. What is Michigan doing different than us to get all those Blue Chippas?
  10. Hellsten only gave up one goal so not his fault. I like Hellsten and we need to play him from here on out. Driscoll has been given every chance to succeed and now it's time to give the Swede the same opportunity. We need to play the Swede.
  11. Gaber's cross check late was a weak call I thought he just made a hockey play. We just can't stay out of the box and that has cost us so many games.
  12. Not all Driscolls fault but mid 800 save % just doesn't cut it. Put in the Swede and get him experience for next year. We're probably gonna be on the road for NCHC first round.
  13. Looks like Driscoll gave up 4 goals on 23 shots. 826 save %
  14. I just wonder if this group can't handle the soft life they get at the Ralph. If I was coach it would be hot dogs and maybe beans too if they work really hard.
  15. He is in denial. First step is admitting you have a problem. until that happens there is no hope of recovery.
  16. The one i am sick of is We always get the other teams best. News flash we aren't very good and take stupid penalties and our effort is often suspect.
  17. I just cheer so hard for us and this years team just rips your guts out. I am a vikings fan so I've felt this before but it still hurts.
  18. Bubble and off bubble soon. We don't deserve to be in the tourney anyway.
  19. I have defended this team while everyone else ridiculed me because I felt they worked hard and deserved a chance. In return they quit trying and folded. I have just had it.
  20. At present we suck and that appears to be te storyline of this second half. We act like they should just declare us the winners just for stepping on the ice. We are gonna lose 90% of our reamaining games at this rate.
  21. Our guys are too soft from all the luxury theyre afforded. Maybe Berry should make them practice outside old school. This team sucks.
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