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  1. My opinion is we won't win another title until we can score. Grindaz are fine to a point but an entire team of grindaz just won't get it done. I don't want to be Jan Brady to Denver.
  2. Before they played the first time in Fargo I believe and then Hennessy didn't even ask him for an interview before the championship game in 2016
  3. Kleven is a totally different type of defenseman than JBD and Sanderson. Kleven can turn the momentum with his big hits that likely will not be penalized in the NHL.
  4. Not saying they will for sure but Kleven I believe could step up to the next level. If he stays he is gonna spend next season in the penalty box because he is too strong and physical for the NCAA it seems.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if they really push to sign Kleven also.
  6. Only coach to refuse Tim Hennessy a pregame interview in all his years of broadcasting Sioux games.
  7. Pecknold Is a genius just ask him.
  8. I just realized I despise every team in this years frozen 4. Mich, Minn and Minny st I just hate that's a given and I hate Denver because every game they have like 30 conferences with the Denver coach and the refs to why i have no idea. I fricken hate that about Denver.
  9. I think Denver wins the natty now as Duluth had the best chance to slow them down. We are gonna have to get some kids that can score the puck if we wanna keep up with Denver as far as nattys.
  10. Sanderson is definitely a chippa but as far as forwards I’d say Gaber is closest thing to chippa. Our blue line is solid I think for the future but we gotta have some chippas up front.
  11. I hope we’re not becoming Jan Brady to Denver and Duluth. Without chippas it’s hard to score as witnessed by our lack of scoring down the stretch
  12. I don't band wagon jump. I'm a died in the wool Minnesota Vikings fan too. If the pain doesn't kill you it makes you stronger.
  13. The only other team that I can root for if UND gets bumped is Bemidji and I hate all the other teams so I am done watching.
  14. Yes you are correct that this was a rebuilding year on top of Sanderson being injured for most of season. I have said this before about my take on this season but here goes again. We went through this season what most teams will go through the next two seasons with the extra covid year. Look at teams that had several super seniors and didn't bring in a bus load of new guys like we did this year. Losing in the first round sucks but I feel we felt the extra covid year a year earlier than most teams and we didn't fare great but we fared ok considering.
  15. Whatever the pairwise ranks you is pretty darn close to correct with all the criteria they use. I see the reason for it not playing out closer to where teams end up as far as how the season ends after the NCAA tourney is the one and done format. If the NCAA tourney was played as 5 or 7 game series or even 3 game series for that matter the better teams would likely win more titles. One and done scenario makes for not always the best team winning.
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