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  1. I would have to agree that it is very unlikely you'll see supplementary discipline by B10. It seems that it has to be something to the head or something blatantly meant to injure like when Denver took out Scheel behind the play.
  2. Same old Bush League crap from the rodents.
  3. NCHC.tv - Home - Google Chrome 2021-11-28 20-09-24.mp4
  4. Just watched the replay again of the Calder slash from McLaughlin (spelling). If someone is more tech savvy to show the replay on here. The replay is at the 1:05:00 or a little after of the Saturday game replay. Nasty 2 hander.
  5. May have been to send a message about Kleven’s cross checking major.
  6. You could see on the replay that the gopher player swung his stick using both hands as hard as he could.
  7. Lafontaine had a lot to do with the score being close. Pretty lopsided play in our favor most of game.
  8. I think the Gophers may be better than Duluth. As much as that pains me to say. Size and talent up the wazoo. They’ll choke though at tourney time despite all that.
  9. The Jersey thing has been overused imo. Like we think we’re Clark Kent changing in a phone booth into his Super Man outfit. Getting old.
  10. Yes it is. If we finish this 6 game stretch .500 after playing St Clown I think most people would take that.
  11. He would have had to shut out the Gophers to win. Take away that goal where he misplayed the puck and I think he played ok. A lot of Minnies chances were grade A variety.
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