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  1. It is an a dumb argument, If Weatherby hadn’t signed a pro contract on the first day of school, if we had scored more goals or they had scored less, things would’ve have been different. Admit it, you have a stupid argument!
  2. What kind of comment is that? We just split with a top 5 team on the road, we did play a horrid game last night, but “on the road”, we turned it around tonight against possibly the best or at least top 3 best teams in the country. I thought it was a gutty win and a win that was absolutely necessary for this team at this time! Good game boys and good coaching, the other team’s coach had extremely skilled players to work with.
  3. I want them each to score but also want to start a new one!
  4. Curling was the only sport i played where the longer i played, the colder my beer got!
  5. Did we lose Rizzo because Weatherby waited so long and chose the NHL at the last minute? If Weatherby had left earlier would Rizzo have kept his commitment thinking he would come in and get quality minutes right away?
  6. We have some true speed, Calder and Budy had big jets on their assist and goal against the Dogs. Each line has a speedster or two but we are not small and fast or big and slow, somewhere in-between?
  7. Spellcheck puts the N in there if you aren’t careful.
  8. Gaber, Matteo, SANDERSON, Calder, Kleven, JAKE. Aren’t SANDERSON and JAKE the same guy?
  9. Schmaltz with Gaber and Caulfield Ford with Senden and Hain Jammer with Budy and Portz or some set of lines with those guys. Then we have just Montgomery, Ness and Albrecht remaining (healthy) unless Kunz and Costco are back, Is that correct? Hoping Constantini and Kunz are back but also hoping that Albrecht keeps his spot, he is earning minutes. Calder is definitely out, I think, Berry was talking like he’ll need this weekend, next (CC) and the Christmas break to return. Will Kleven have to sit some more or will he get his regular spot back?
  10. Didn’t that happen at Minny?
  11. We got beat last night but it wasn’t an ass kicking loss. We got in penalty trouble, some of that was dumb on our part and some was good acting by the other team. Excuses, we have more, the flu bug hit us bad and we were without arguably our best player. But, we did not get kicked. Duluth is a good team, we could play them 10 times and 5 wins each would be very acceptable and maybe difficult for us to pull off even with a full roster. A win tonight is necessary and will put us right back in the thick of things in the conference and in the NCAA.
  12. I strongly disagree, lose by two or lose by 3 you still lose
  13. I’m confused, is game #1 completed? Are we starting game #2 tonight (Friday)?
  14. I’ll go out on a limb and say that if Mishmash, GUchi, Adams, keirstad. Etc.; if any of those wanted to play a fifth year Berry would have allowed it. Calder will be in a different situation than this past years seniors, he would be playing a fifth year of hockey but only two with UND. It is speculation that really doesn’t matter at this point, he hasn’t even suited up yet for UND. If he has a terrific year next year, he’ll sign with his NHL team. If he has a mediocre year,......?
  15. So we should anticipate more scoring from our defense next year? The younger guys should increase with more ice time in critical situations and it appears that Ferner and Jandric have proven to produce points.
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