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Post pod series #4-Back to Baxter

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The goalie got run on Senden’s goal...by his own defenseman.

Man I hate Omaha, bunch a bush league guys

It’s funny I guess, all the bitching and whining with regards to the game. I watched Gabinet’s post game and he seemed to focus on his teams emotion and execution. No whining, no bitching, just a prof

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Nice win.
After a bit of a shaky start Scheel played real well late.
Some coverage issue to clean up.
Few missed opportunities offensively especially on the powerplay. Too much trying to force things instead of taking what is there.
Not impressed with the officiating at all. Give Budy a 5 early which I disagree with and then let a few very similar hits go with later on with no calls at all. Couple more calls I'm not sure where they pulled them from either.
Omaha is still Omaha. Thinks they are better than they are. Tries to take a ton of shots at guys after the whistle or catch you not looking, embellishes anything and everything they can and whines a ton.
Finish the job tomorrow.

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