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  1. Hint Hint. SCSU. 2019-NCHC Season Champ, One and Done. 2018-NCHC Season Champ, One and Done.
  2. Hoping DU forgets about him and he gets open?
  3. Hayden Shaw in the slot and some one from the corner throw one cross rink
  4. Getting goals 2 and 1 on the season for DU. Story of the season
  5. Has a hire Hak thread been started?
  6. Past couple years ago UND get sustained zone time and you knew a goal was imminent. This year... a goal for the other team (usually soft)
  7. Basically watch any previous game this year
  8. Just wish we could get a multiple point game out of a player like yon, Adams or johnson
  9. Wenninger play soccer in the offseason
  10. I will put a paycheck on wenninger isn't done tonight
  11. Wiess from Bowen and primeau
  12. I miss fox college sports. Every home game and I didn't have to pay extra
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