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  1. Judd Caufield is the American version of Joel Janatuinen.
  2. Looked like the first 10 minutes of a new nhl video game on that last goal.
  3. Is this game sponsored by Ring doorbells?
  4. I thought if the goalie lost their glove, the play was blown dead
  5. Tough night for Sandelin family. Can't say I feel too bad
  6. Give reiger mishmash 's jersey
  7. Was Karl Goering in state hockey tourney for Apple valley?
  8. Surprised he didn't pick a BC player
  9. Might have just had my 1st heartattack there
  10. Duluth should change their name to lumberjacks
  11. At this point the d men have to get aggressive holding the zone
  12. First the delayed flight, then the delayed whistle
  13. Roll 4 lines, stay healthy, and don't learn bad habits.
  14. NCHC needs to get rid of CBS College Sports.
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