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#6 UND (14-17) vs #7 Fort Wayne (14-18) 3/9 830


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Looking back at last nights game, it was interesting how you can not feel comfortable despite the double digit lead, but at the same time realize that UND was very good in a lot of areas last night.

Turnovers and offensive rebounding were an issue, that cannot happen against the Bison.  UND needs to do a better job on those two fronts. 

If UND wins and the tournament MVP discussion comes up.... I think Walter deserves to be in that conversation.  Shot the ball well from 3 and is finally being more aggressive in taking it to the hoop.  You are shooting 90% from the line, I would want to get there as much as possible.  He also grabbed 9 rebounds last night.   It would more than likely go to Marlon, but Walter might get some consideration. 

Better job by Rebraca tonight, outside of that missed bunny where he should have thrown it down, but needed that performance from him.  Need something similar tonight.

Minor shout out to Ethan for knocking down those free throws.  Had 8 points off the bench (although half of those were when the game was out of hand, but lets be real... UND gets very little scoring from their bench so I will happily acknowledge when they do score)

Defense did a great job holding Fort Wayne to 30% shooting from the field.  Rebounding was discussed earlier.

What I loved the most about last night was this:  Whenever the Dons seemed like they were ready to make a run, UND always had a answer back.  They played with great poise last night.  Poise... that is a word I have not used a lot in describing UND basketball...

My only wish was that they could have pushed the lead high enough to where they could sub out sooner, however I hope that by their slowing the pace of the game down they conserved some energy for tonight.



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