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  1. Just go to the ticket office and buy the cheapest ticket they have and then sit wherever you want. We have been given more tickets then we have bought by SDSU fans. All of our tickets have been upper deck and we’ve yet to sit up there. We’ve sat lower deck every game. Just stay out of parent areas and respect usd/SDSU fans if they actually show up and ask you to move. There are plenty of good seats not being used
  2. Please show up tomorrow. NDSU filled 1-2 sections we filled 2 rows
  3. I hope the equipment manager remembered the white uniforms
  4. So I was browsing around bisonville and saw a thread where they were arguing over who will win the Summit MVP, Shahid or Ward. There was some mention of Wilson being in the conversation. Is Marlon Stewart not in the conversation? Looking at his conference stats I don't see how he couldn't be. He is second in scoring, 1st in assist by a WIDE margin, and top 10 in rebounds. And if you want to talk most valuable player, UND can't even run the offense when he's not on the court. (not that we should be proud of that)
  5. I started college in 90. I have vivid memories of sitting a few rows behind visitor bench at Hyslop, letting them have it, doing anything we could to try and get in there heads (yea, I was young and stupid at the time). Vonesh, Guldseth, Gardner, Burkett. I can still vividly see Burkett literally jumping over some D3 dude right in front of us and then letting the entire visitor bench know it as he ran buy. LOL, very over the top, but fun. Seemed like they won every game by 15 or more points. Coming from a very small, class B, town in ND, it was the first time I had seen athleticism like
  6. I went last year and had a blast. Will be there again this year. Last year was interesting because the SDSU men got knocked out in the first game (first time an 8 ever beat a 1). We had horrible purchased seats, but sat pretty much wherever we wanted for entire tournament after SDSU was knocked out. SDSU fans were literally giving away tickets for the final session on Tuesday. I was pretty disappointed in complete lack of any UND fans at the tournament (other than maybe a few family members).
  7. UND #11 in RPI: http://warrennolan.com/basketballw/2020/rpi-live
  8. I went to UND in the 90's. Two of my most vivid memories of the rivalry was the Mooney strip (I was at the game) and the Kleinsasser TD in which he accelerated away from the NDSU DBs (watched at a bar in Grand Forks). One other fact people might forget is that UND is 4-2 lifetime in the Fargodome :-).
  9. I found someone else willing to go all in. Buying all session tickets tonight. Looking forward to 4 days of basketball!!
  10. Anyone know what the single session prices will be for tournament when they open up in a couple weeks? All session is $120 which isn't bad but having a hard time finding anyone willing to commit to 4 days of basketball and 3 nights of hotels. I'd like to just buy Saturday and Sunday sessions and then decide from there depending on how the tournament is going. On the flip side, if sessions are $25 then I may as well just buy the full session now and make sure I have seats for Saturday/Sunday.
  11. Any chance we can get uniforms that allow us to actually see the numbers?
  12. I was thinking it would be fun next year to spend a week in Reno with some old college friends, partying, gambling, and watching a bunch of basketball but now seeing the 'crowd' I think I may have changed my mind. Is anyone showing up for any of these sessions?
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