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  1. UND #11 in RPI: http://warrennolan.com/basketballw/2020/rpi-live
  2. I went to UND in the 90's. Two of my most vivid memories of the rivalry was the Mooney strip (I was at the game) and the Kleinsasser TD in which he accelerated away from the NDSU DBs (watched at a bar in Grand Forks). One other fact people might forget is that UND is 4-2 lifetime in the Fargodome :-).
  3. I found someone else willing to go all in. Buying all session tickets tonight. Looking forward to 4 days of basketball!!
  4. Anyone know what the single session prices will be for tournament when they open up in a couple weeks? All session is $120 which isn't bad but having a hard time finding anyone willing to commit to 4 days of basketball and 3 nights of hotels. I'd like to just buy Saturday and Sunday sessions and then decide from there depending on how the tournament is going. On the flip side, if sessions are $25 then I may as well just buy the full session now and make sure I have seats for Saturday/Sunday.
  5. Any chance we can get uniforms that allow us to actually see the numbers?
  6. I was thinking it would be fun next year to spend a week in Reno with some old college friends, partying, gambling, and watching a bunch of basketball but now seeing the 'crowd' I think I may have changed my mind. Is anyone showing up for any of these sessions?
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