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  1. 2 questions: 1. When was the last time we were swept? And 2. When was the last time we were swept at home?
  2. This is bad. I’ll be honest I like Sather a lot more than Jones. But what’s up right now? We aren’t doing well. How long of a leash does Sather have? I give him 2 more years if things don’t start going well and we finish in the top half of the conference
  3. This team reminds me of the one that went to Philly a few years ago…. Really bad one night but good the next. So we good tomorrow right?….right?
  4. I reiterate! Duluth plays a coward form of hockey by using the 1-3-1 and then pinning the puck on the wall for 2 minutes. Play hockey cowards!
  5. Oh yeah I’ve got no real problem with Berry. I just see his contract is up after next season and that slightly worries me. I was just more curious.
  6. Random question for anyone who’s been here longer than I have. Has UND ever fired a hockey head coach or let them go? Or have all of them left on their own terms?
  7. I try to be generally positive on here but Is anyone else sick and tired of losing and getting out coached by Duluth for the past 5-6 years?
  8. In the first they were running the 1-3-1. I can only hope Berry responds with something like this 1-3-1
  9. Duluth out here playing a 1-3-1 zone trap. #cowards Also Duluth is great at diving.
  10. FYI replicas are in stock but limited sizes only in person tho.
  11. So no replicas until the off-season too?
  12. Ngl I’m totally gonna buy one of those jerseys today.
  13. I still have a hockey ticket available for Saturday night vs Denver and then two tickets for this Saturday’s game vs Youngstown State as well. Looking for them to be used so I’m flexible on price.
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