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    UND @ ISU

    I see it as a nice little bonus at this point. Say we come out play competitive with Utah State and lose. We are 1-1 coming home against an easy Drake team. Best case scenario Utah State under a new HC does bad and we steal a win. Come home 2-0 likely gonna win against Drake and be 3-0 going into the Valley. I'll take either of those scenarios tbh.
  2. Well it was a nice run. See y’all in September I guess.
  3. Time to lock it down. I liked the creativity by Freund at the end of that half.
  4. That’s what we needed! Now we just need a stop on D. Ride the momentum.
  5. I’d agree as well. Gotta save some surprises. Especially for a team who’s never played us before. I’m excited to see what we can do on offense and defense.
  6. It’ll be interesting to see how Feeney fits into this whole picture. From my understanding he’s the next big thing to come to UND. Maybe HE does a redshirt year to declutter the QBs a bit? Or does Quincy move to a tight end or WR? Takes Boltmans place after he graduates.
  7. I think they were short staffed maybe? They were only letting people in one way which was a terrible idea.
  8. Credit to the coaching staff and players for staying this focused for a month of practices.
  9. Slightly unrelated to how UND will do tonight but do y'all think I should bust out a new version of this sign tonight? I think all fans will enjoy it. Also please please please crush Denver.
  10. Awesome! Are you still going to give it to the students now that they’ve moved? Or will you have to find some STH to do it?
  11. Did you make that or is that the official Sack City Sign?
  12. Anyone know what happened to the UNDHoops account on Twitter? I was looking for an article they had about a bunch of coaches and their coaching style and Sather was in it. Does anyone know where to find that article?
  13. I got the tag too. Looks legit.
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