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  1. Anyone by chance have an extra ticket for the Wildhorse party?
  2. I would bet as long as Denver is not a #4 seed and we maintain our spot in the 1-4 pairwise we should end up there?
  3. I still have a single ticket for both of this weekends game. First row in 302. $20.
  4. Interesting fact down to about 75 tickets left.
  5. Selling my ticket for Jan 3, 4, and 11. Section 302 Row A Seat 17. Willing to negotiate price.
  6. What are y’alls thoughts on the Nike black jerseys? I can never decide if I like it or not.
  7. You are hopeful. I’m thinking this based off our who’s coming back and who made the playoffs this year. WIN vs Valparaiso LOSS at Kansas St PUSH at Youngstown St LOSS vs SDSU WIN vs Missouri St WIN at Western Illinois WIN at Portland St WIN vs USD LOSS at Illinois St LOSS at NDSU PUSH vs Southern Illinois
  8. Yeah I do but in those days we couldn’t stop the passing game.
  9. To be fair at the beginning of the season I had them pegged 5-6 with the schedule they had.
  10. So I’m Bubba is definitely going to be back unless he resigns. Let’s see what he can do in the Valley with a team who should be decent considering how many underclassmen were played this year.
  11. Does anyone know has Mason Poolman committed anywhere? Is he as good as his brothers? Do we want him?
  12. Gotta wonder if the conference chipped in to help their teams stay at home.
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