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I guess if you lose to Minnesota, it's time to fire the coach and burn down the town. So, here's the question, is Minnesota that good, or is Michigan a pile of dog turds? My answer is Michigan is a pile of dog turds. 

I don't think Michigan is real great their offense isn't very good and turns it over too much but they have a pretty solid defense and were #8 in the country in rushing defense before Saturday but I also think Minnesota is better than a lot of people think. Minnesota has a good defense and good running game and that will at least keep you in a lot of games. They have a bye this week followed by Northwestern and Purdue at home and Illinois on the road so there is a good chance for them to be 7-1 when they host Iowa and battle for the pig.

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TCU beats Oklahoma 37-33


Mississippi State beats Texas A&M 48-31


Auburn took LSU out behind the woodshed 41-7


Northwestern beats Wisconsin 20-14


Arizona beat Oregon 31-24 on Thursday


Michigan State leads Nebraska 27-3 14:00 left in the 4th


Florida gets by Tennessee 10-9


Arizona State scores at 0:00 of the 4th to beat USC 38-34


Kentucky beats South Carolina 45-38

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Arizona State wins on a Hail Mary over USC so by the AP poll #2 Oregon, #3 Alabama, #4 Oklahoma, #6 Texas A&M, #14 Stanford, #15 LSU, #16 USC, #17 Wisconsin, and #18 BYU have all lost this week while #19 Nebraska is losing to #10 Michigan State in the 4th and #8 UCLA trails Utah 14-0 in the 2nd quarter at home so we could end up seeing 11 teams in the top 25 lose this week.

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