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THE Ohio State might have kissed their chance at a National Title goodbye with a 35-21 loss to Virginia Tech.


Notre Damn shutout Michigan 31-0, Michigan was shutout for the first time since 1984. That's a 375 game streak for Michigan, the longest in FBS history.

OSU's offensive line looked like UND's.   Go Notre Dame!!

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Actually, they do not start football in the Rocky Mt. until 2016. Black Hills State got in 2012.  Apparently, Colorado Schools of Mines did not want another engineering only school in the conference.  But, that changed earlier this year.  Good thing because I am not sure how long they could handle being in the GNAC.  I see that Rocky Mt has baseball.  I always thought that SDSMT should have a baseball team.  Lots of local talent, I would love to see it happen.  One thing about SDSMT Title IX not much of problem.  You a Raider or Cobbler..  I loved my time at the mine - that area is a blast.. 


For UND fans that don't know about O'Harra Stadium it is great..  I think that it is the only stadium of its type in the country.  You can literally drive and park at the 50 yard line and watch the game.  We did a little tailgate (had to keep the grill and the drinks out of sight ) while we were at the game back in the day.




The Rocky Mtn conference will a challenge for them it will be fun to watch.



Good info.  I looked at Tech's schedule and didn't see any Rocky games scheduled outside of Colorado Mines and BHSU.  Now, I get it. 

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