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SIOUX vs. CC - Friday


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I think the grind of the long season had caught up with CC goalie Josh Thorimbert. If you look at his stats, they aren't impressive, particularly over the past couple of games he's played (3 in the first five minutes against UNO and I believe 4 last Friday against St. Cloud). That said, he's a solid goaltender who hasn't gotten much help from his D men nor offensive help from his forwards and centers. Kinda hard to win when your team averages at or below two goals a game. Key for UND is to throw lots of pucks at him.

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Good point. As dismal as CC's pp is, I believe they scored at least a couple on us back in January.

They scored three goals on six power play opportunities that weekend. Out of the five total goals that they scored.

In other words..

Against North Dakota: 3 of 6 (50.0%)

Against everyone else: 14 of 128 (10.9%)

Probably too small of a sample size to be entirely accurate, but it is telling. Stay out of the box.


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As a UND fan who's gone to almost every CC home game plus three road series, I hope I offer a unique perspective on them. What makes me nervous is, despite the outcome last weekend, CC did not pack it in, particularly on Saturday night. What they lack in depth, they make up for in effort. Plus, it seems like year in and year out, CC and North Dakota always play fast-paced, clean games that are usually close on the scoreboard. If UND matches CC's effort, they should win as UND has more talent and depth. Just one guy's opinion.

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Sorry if this has been asked and answered elsewhere.

Are the games available on TV anywhere outside the Midco region?


On my DVR (Comcast Twin Cities) it says Fox Sports North PLUS is showing "NCHC Hockey". Doesn't say who. Based on viewership, I'd hope they pick UND. Based on geography, they may pick UMD or SCSU.

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