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  1. At least they are trying, if even a little, to do the right thing? I'd like to see better but based on where we are right now, I'll take it. At least they aren't going onto facebook spouting that there is no medical evidence to support mask use and claiming masks infringe on their civil liberties.
  2. It sucks I know. You do realize that proper PPE use could go a long ways into lessening the pain on businesses and getting kids back to school in some fashion. It's not just the restrictions limiting businesses. Many people don't want to go dine out, go to the gym, or go back to face to face school because they do not feel safe. The anti-mask rhetoric will only fuel the fire for things to go further downhill.
  3. So take some responsibility and learn how to safely handle your mask. If someone ends up with a bacterial infection from their mask, really, that's on them. With that said I'll take someone's side who tries to wear a mask over another's who is spewing anti-mask rhetoric and attempting to get less people wearing masks any day.
  4. That was my argument maybe you misunderstood me? We do need to look out for others, that's the point of wearing a mask. If we had an unlimited supply of N95's we could wear masks to protect ourselves. Unfortunately that isn't the case, you wear a mask to protect others from what you might be carrying. No one's lives are being shut down by wearing a mask.
  5. You realize that you are wrong. As far as I know there's one doctor in this thread, and he recently admitted that masks help. If you slap your mask on after its been in your cup holder with unwashed hands and never wash your mask, that's your problem, not mine. Your mask will still prevent some droplets from hitting the air. The anti-mask rhetoric is only continuing to hurt us as a country, but keep it up, I'll do my best to avoid you.
  6. Can you have a reaction to airborne peanut butter from sealed containers? Never heard of that but maybe it's a thing?
  7. Sure. I'm in ND where there really are no restrictions that you speak of anyways.
  8. You realize the percentage of our population at risk right? Obese, diabetes, asthma, cancer, age alone, and so on. How do all those at risk get the medical care, food, and needed supplies? And you do realize you wear a mask to protect me and I wear a mask to protect you right?
  9. Are you insinuating that jars of peanut butter are spewing peanut droplets into the air?
  10. I've already told you, I'd like to see the anti-ppe rhetoric come to an end. I believe it's dangerous and will cause covid to kill more people than it otherwise would. Unfortunately people are either too selfish or maybe just too stupid, so it will never end as many tie this rhetoric in with their political beliefs. There wouldn't need to be a mandate if people would just do the right thing and wear them.
  11. People need to remember it goes both ways. Is an immunocompromised individual’s civil liberties being infringed upon if they or their family members cannot safely go out in public because no one is wearing masks? Or is requiring mask use infringing on your civil liberty to go in public without one? There’s a simple solution and we all know it’s coming, I just don’t see the benefit in delaying it. It will fix this argument as a whole. It’s a mask mandate.
  12. Personally I’d like to see the anti-ppe rhetoric eliminated. Don’t wear a mask, whatever. But to encourage others not to wear them because it infringes on your civil liberties, no thanks, I think we are better off without that attitude.
  13. And the same can be said of the flu death counts.
  14. I get it. I know a vaccine isn’t a cure. There are people out there that are fine letting it just run its course and just let it be what it is. I don’t agree with that stance when there’s a number of things we can be doing in an attempt to save lives.
  15. I’m just basing this off of death counts
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