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  1. Standard def tv still is superior to hd!
  2. Could the board of regents really be dumb enough to hire him after seeing how he is handling himself?
  3. Anyone have experience with their webcast? For $10.99 I’d hope it’s hd and professionally done?
  4. Maybe this has been covered but is Kliemann not a state employee as being the head coach of NDSU. Isn't also being employed by another football team out of state a conflict of interest to his state position as NDSU head coach? As a taxpayer in the state of ND, I don't like what's going on here.
  5. Ok just got it to work from my phone. Still couldn’t get it to work from both edge and chrome browsers on the computer though. Thanks Jim.
  6. Jim - I think I may be having a problem saving my picks. When I click load previous picks, nothing shows up.
  7. Directvnow has a 7 day free trial for new users. Or if you buy a roku a 30 day free trial. Using this you can stream cbs sports.
  8. Wasn’t Dave shyiak let go from UAA because he made threats on an airplane?
  9. I thought the crowd was good too. Remember though that tickets could be had at affordable prices. With the subway discount adult tickets were $15 each and youth tickets were $10.
  10. Not trying to block any sales off the site but subway is giving out coupons that will get you youth seats for $10 each or adult seats for $15 each.
  11. THey are listed. Was it root that didn’t allow it or altitude? Seems odd how they could not allow it in the first place as it should be the conference’s call.
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