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  1. I don't see impartiality. Can you detail how they clearly show masks to be ineffective?
  2. Based on what data from your link?
  3. I'd like to hear from those that are anti-mask justify their stance using those graphs.
  4. Who is calling for all of that? Nothing to see here right? Meanwhile Michael Osterholm says "This is the worst case of pseudoscience I've ever seen," "This is highly dangerous to public health, especially in North Dakota." https://www.grandforksherald.com/newsmd/coronavirus/6705808-Health-experts-thrash-North-Dakotas-new-quarantine-guidelines-This-is-highly-dangerous
  5. Yeah yzerman19 is the only one of us that can afford that stuff.
  6. Ok. So it is the president's duty to get the Coney Barrett in. But it's his duty to get Covid relief done, only if he's re-elected. Makes perfect sense.
  7. Any word on what businesses are pulling their support?
  8. Yet it's ok for him to halt talks on covid relief until after the election, where he promises to get it passed if re-elected?
  9. So it's ok to stop working on this while he's still in office, but he has every right to get Coney Barrett into the Supreme Court?
  10. Does it matter whose time it is on when they are using the program’s platform to further their agenda?
  11. Did someone say back to work? trump just said, vote him back into office and he’ll get that stimulus passed. Not that he’s looking to buy your vote.
  12. I can see the importance of keeping his health conditions private. They aren't holding onto his last negative test for HIPAA or security reasons though, and I think we can all understand that.
  13. OK, so he's going to pull the HIPAA card on this single test? And how many times has he stated he doesn't need to wear a mask because he just tested negative? I guess this shouldn't shock anyone.
  14. His last negative test doesn't relate to his health so much as it relates to the health of others - at the rallies, fundraisers, debate, inside the White House, etc.... So they keep this a secret to not make the President look like such a d-bag.....at what cost?
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