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  1. This would make most sense. Or there had another internet connection. Based on the number of excuses we've seen from NCHC.tv so far this season they've lost my trust.
  2. I doubt sidearm has the equipment to pickup satellite backhaul. I also doubt World Arena actually has a satellite backhaul.
  3. Do Canadians regularly refer to ncaa as “club teams”?
  4. https://www.pscp.tv/HDB413_ALT4/1OwxWVDpngMJQ?t=25m21s
  5. Working fine on roku here. have you guys with non working roku un and re installed the app?
  6. Finally the roku app is working!
  7. Supposedly they have the Roku app fixed. Here is their email to me today... "If you have updated your NCHC.tv Roku app in the last 48 hours, our sincerest apologies for the temporary inconvenience. However, we were able to re-activate the previous version of the app which will allow you to successfully watch NCHC.tv live games. Please update your Roku app before you watch the next live game. Thank you for your continued patience and please let us know if you are still encountering issues. Respectfully,"
  8. I was able to cast from iphone app to tv last night. I couldn't use the cast button though, had to start video on phone and then aidrop it to tv.
  9. go to lower right corner of computer screen, click box, click project, click duplicate, select your tv
  10. Something is funky with the roku app on my end still too. It had a new look where i was able to watch on demand just minutes ago. Now it looks how it looked last night and kicks me out when trying to watch the game. working fine on google chrome on pc and iphone app though.
  11. i miss nudging my fta dish to get the games in perfectly
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