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  1. Watchespn.com will have it. Also espn app on roku or fire stick if you authenticate with cable/isp. YouTubeTV also gets the channel.
  2. The suspense gets you to watch the commercial:)
  3. Anyone still have a fta antenna up? Game will be there on ku band 113w
  4. Ugh I still hate lacrosse don’t make me hate women’s volleyball too cbs!
  5. Any chance, can you put this up for the afternoon game too?
  6. Would have they really required him to keep playing if they had no time outs?
  7. It is ridiculous. This punishment must be towards his response?
  8. No stream here sorry. There is a way to stream through cbs sports app. But you need a cable or tv subscription. Unfortunately midco doesn’t participate.
  9. This would make most sense. Or there had another internet connection. Based on the number of excuses we've seen from NCHC.tv so far this season they've lost my trust.
  10. I doubt sidearm has the equipment to pickup satellite backhaul. I also doubt World Arena actually has a satellite backhaul.
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