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  1. https://share.icloud.com/photos/0zfQJFsS0aCn2PKZ_SXZ0YBFA thank you to mafiaman and everyone that pitched in:)
  2. Redneksioux

    The Herald

    Satran should stick to horse racing.
  3. Wouldn’t winter classic ice be better than most sheets of ice played in college hockey? I know the sight lines in outdoor games aren’t the best. But with Dave St Peter pushing for a game in the past, I think this is a game UND should be looking into securing. Whether it’s umn as an opponent or someone else.
  4. Who says they both need to be in grand forks? Couldn’t und host one downtown Minneapolis if the opportunity was there?
  5. What are the chances of a New Year’s Eve college hockey game at target field?
  6. I can see that. Pick your poison! I still think Sanford beats altru hands down. At least they offer the specialties. They also have a state of the art facility right now. Their food is better. And they have free valet parking. You mentioned abuse of volunteers.l but in my experience they make much better use of their volunteers at Sanford where altru counts on volunteers to deliver food in their cancer center...:.these are paid positions in Fargo. The reality is you cannot use altru as a one stop shop because eventually you are going to have something that is over their head when at least Sanford will have the specialist you need.
  7. Who is complaining about altru building new?
  8. So you can ask for a transfer! Seriously though I appreciate that Altru can keep some patients local. But many patients are too complex for Altru, they just don’t have the specialists and thankfully they usually accept the fact that they can’t be something that they aren’t, usually! And my gripe about their food is 100% real. Anyone that’s spent some time as inpatient knows that altru’s food is horrid. Go check out Sanford and their 3 different cafe options, not so horrible they need to hide them in the basement. For most people that reason alone is enough. Personally I’ve had good and bad experiences with altru and will use them for as much as possible. Unfortunately that equals less than half of my family’s care because they don’t have the appropriate resources. So it’s my opinion US World report should really take back their best hospital in ND award.
  9. It’s still laughable that altru could be chosen to be the best hospital in the state when they offer a fraction of the services available at Sanford.
  10. US news and world report obviously didn’t come eat at altru. seriously best hospital in North Dakota? They don’t offer half of what Sanford can.
  11. Standard def tv still is superior to hd!
  12. Could the board of regents really be dumb enough to hire him after seeing how he is handling himself?
  13. Anyone have experience with their webcast? For $10.99 I’d hope it’s hd and professionally done?
  14. Maybe this has been covered but is Kliemann not a state employee as being the head coach of NDSU. Isn't also being employed by another football team out of state a conflict of interest to his state position as NDSU head coach? As a taxpayer in the state of ND, I don't like what's going on here.
  15. Ok just got it to work from my phone. Still couldn’t get it to work from both edge and chrome browsers on the computer though. Thanks Jim.
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