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  1. It’s been a great day of hockey. Nice to see Toews with a solid game!
  2. Light em up! https://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2020/05/30/light-em-up-video-appears-to-show-law-enforcement-shooting-paint-rounds-at-citizens-on-their-porch/
  3. You missed "your decisions affect others" The Tulsa rally wasn't limited by any shutdowns. The few thousand in attendance did get a choice to attend. It's already documented that the rally contributed to an outbreak and their poor decision making has affected others. Currently in ND there is no restrictions for churches. There's no statewide mask mandate and there's no city mandate in Grand Forks. Sure you can choose to go to church with no mask, sing and aerosolize your droplets, that's your decision to make. This does not mean it's a good decision.
  4. Sure. I guess you are fed up with wearing masks as well.
  5. Timing is spot on. Plus it was basically a Rona party. Thousands of attendees indoors, screaming and dancing and very few wearing masks. Would things be different if the ring leader would have only recommended precautions or held it outdoors, we’ll never know. Everyone gets to make their own decisions though, please keep in mind your decisions can affect others.
  6. If he could fix this, sure. He’s dug himself quite the hole to get out of though.
  7. And I pray that less people stop dying from covid.
  8. So wearing a mask is an infringement on their civil liberties but sending in para military troops to cities across the country is ok?
  9. What does it matter what they would do? They are not in charge and have no say into how we are handling the pandemic. I agree politics have made this a mess, almost every one of trump’s statements or decisions on the pandemic have been politically motivated, even when most of them have killed his chance at re-election.
  10. Unfortunately their incompetence when it comes to covid is a direct reflection of their infections and deaths spiraling out of control. if only we had some centralized leadership regarding the pandemic....
  11. I won’t be eating at any establishment that advertises on 1310, wait none advertise on that garbage.
  12. Here’s how the cdc tallies flu deaths... https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/index.html I can’t speak for red state Florida counting people dying in car accidents and gunshot wounds to the head as covid though.
  13. You realize the swine flu was only deadly to about 12,000 Americans over 12 months right?
  14. US Deaths are now consistently above 1000/day and rising. Shut this thing down like the White House wants the cdc shut down. It’s a cesspool I tell you!
  15. ND GOP just proves the systemic bigotry is a thing..... https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/government-and-politics/6585083-North-Dakota-GOP-director-apologizes-after-party-approves-anti-LGBT-rhetoric-in-policy-statements
  16. Toews unfit to play and reportedly voted against the NHL’s return... https://chicago.suntimes.com/blackhawks/2020/7/22/21334757/blackhawks-jonathan-toews-voted-against-nhl-cba-return-to-play-plan
  17. Sure but we are now mass testing. Early on the only people being tested were the symptomatic people and those that had confirmed close contact plus travel. Now almost anyone can get tested if you have half a day to waste. Which also brings the infection rate down. It's been said above, we could go off of hospitalizations and or deaths, but then we are making decisions weeks late. We've also been making decisions without considering the unknown.....noone knows what the true long term side effects are but we are still making decisions without considering what they could be. For me, I'd rather play it safe. Of course masking isn't going to be perfect. But it can help slow the spread and allow us to be somewhat back to normal. This is why I have a tough time understanding the anti-mask folk.
  18. How exactly is increasing testing inflating the data?
  19. I don't buy into the idea that increased testing is the sole reason for increased positives. Is it a factor, sure. But to claim increased testing is the sole reason for higher infection counts is ridiculous.
  20. Obviously masks alone aren't the answer. You realize there are some long term care facilities that are doing very well right? The one I know of doing exceptionally well has implemented PPE guidelines(including masks obviously), social distancing, limiting visitors, weekly testing, and the employees are taking an oath to be responsible. I don't think it would be possible to be an anti-masker and take this oath honestly.
  21. If I were to take a guess, yes. I know most long term care facilities in GF are testing at least weekly. Higher risk units up to twice/week right now.
  22. What percentage of covid deaths are 80 plus in mn?
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