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  1. Northwood Deaconess Health Center in Northwood, ND can have you PCR results in one hour with their lab onsite. I believe you need to call to schedule, they won't take walk-ins.
  2. Open beds, yet life saving surgeries are being postponed.... https://www.businessinsider.com/womans-life-saving-surgery-delayed-tennessee-hospitals-covid-surge-2021-9
  3. Their hospitals are over-run by the unvaccinated and they don’t want people there who are 5 times more likely to be carrying the virus. Can anyone really blame them?
  4. At least they had a live pregame.
  5. KVLY would be an improvement for local coverage in my opinion. Nobody watches midco sn programming by chance, but plenty watch NBC. Midco's production has been top notch but its time for a coverage enhancement if the school can afford it. I'd assume they'd get less from KVLY than they have gotten from Midco.
  6. Amazing gold medal match! .2 seconds!
  7. Cousins to do anything possible to prevent this from happening again, except getting the jab. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/football/7141979-Kirk-Cousins-returns-to-Vikings-from-COVID-pause-vows-to-be-‘very-vigilant’-going-forward Maybe he should surround himself with plexiglass on the field too, might improve his passing some!
  8. Nice three minute stretch for the jets in the 3rd with 3 goals tying it 4-4 with Edmonton
  9. Redneksioux


    I say kudos to them for following cdc recommendations. I think you will be one of the few that cancel them.
  10. Let me guess, the election was also a hoax?
  11. Maybe it’s just my opinion but louser and baesler were more of a threat to the general public than Floyd was. There’s plenty of actions to criticize but the reality is that George Floyd deserved a better fate and the police didn’t believe so for some reason.
  12. They were told he was high on drugs so he deserved to be approached with a gun to his face? Did Louser have a gun to his head when he got a dui? How about Baesler?
  13. It’s funny how in North Dakota it’s perfectly accepted for white lawmakers and public officials to get a dui. But if it’s a black guy on drugs, he deserves to be murdered.
  14. Yes, he’ll be in prison where he belongs.
  15. When lane opened his car door, how did he know what George had taken? And it’s ok to assume that someone is a threat to your life because they may have taken a lot of drugs?
  16. Proudly unvaccinated? Good for you I guess. I’d take you up on the offer but am recovering from back surgery so if you go get vaccinated and give me a few months to heal up I’d take you up on the offer. let me ask you what did George floyd do to deserve a gun shoved in his face when approached by Lane and demanded to put his hands on the f$cking wheel?
  17. Let me guess, you are also not vaccinated? And reporting masked kids outside to cps?
  18. Announcers said they penalized him for jumping over the safety. Looks like he didn't have to jump?
  19. its not on espn plus. you need a subscription that includes standard espn.
  20. If you have Midco you can watch online https://www.espn.com/watch/ or with a streaming stick and the espn channel.
  21. Come on Eastern Washington!!!
  22. I don't know, you're down 3-0 with a few minutes remaining. Do you pull the goalie or not?
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