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Preference for new coach


Within reason, who do you choose?  

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  1. 1. Choice for new coach (monetary restraints - no Saban)

    • Lennon - bring him back
    • Schweighert - DC SIU
    • DeBoer - OC SIU
    • Hazelton - DC Nevada
    • Leipod - HC Wisconsin-Whitewater
    • Tibesar - LB coach, Chicago Bears
    • Bollinger - QB coach, Pitt
    • Caruso - HC, St Thomas
    • Nielson - HC, WIU
    • Other

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Just curious--are you saying Bollinger is pipe dream because you don't think he would be interested in the job, or because you don't think Faison would ever hire him?

I'm sure Faison would love to hire him. Not sure if Bollinger would want to be here. Maybe he is within reach. With two young quarterbacks right now, he may exactly what we need. Anybody have any idea how common it is to have NFL experience, either playing or coaching, in the FCS coaching ranks?
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since Nielson just moved to WIU this year, doubt he would be interested

Think Nielson would be a prime choice for either Mussman or Faison's job. The mere fact that he took the WIU job (which is a resource poor job) shows he is interested in having a resume for either position. UND would likely be a dream job. He just never expected Mussman to be in hot water so soon. When Faison retires, he could step into that position provided he has groomed someone else. UND and UMD are known to be cross-pollinated.

I voted for Caruso, but don't think he gets it because he's a DIII coach. Tibesar doesn't because he's expensive and on track for NFL HC.

Get Nielson with Bollinger as OC. Nielson gets Faison's job in 5 years, with Bollinger taking over.

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I my mind Caruso is by far the best and most likely. Coaching at a D-III level does not mean you know less than a D-I coach. I know HS coaches that are more than qualified to coach any level of college but choose not to move their families. I have also met more than a handful of D-I and D-II coaches that were not qualified to hold the clipboard for a HS coach. There are a couple of things that I really like about Caruso. First, I love his ability to bring in some very good talent to UST while having 0 scholarships and no indoor stadium ect. Secondly he has relationships with many of the HS coaches across MN,WI,ND,SD, IA. Lastly, I love his passion for the game, his program and the kids that he is involved with developing.

Bollinger is a great guy and a good coach, but asking him to take over a program with 1 year of HS and 1 year of college coaching under his belt would be asking for too much.

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I was totally on the Nielson bandwagon last year, but UND missed that boat. Do not think he will leave WIU this soon.

At this point, it seems that Caruso's coaching style and personal accountability is a better direction to go to turn the football program around from the low point where it is current floundering.

Several people have given good arguments for others, but D-I experience does not speak as fluently as a history as a head coach of taking a 2 - 8 program to the national playoffs in two years.

All that said, just rooting for Faison to come up with someone who can do for the football program what Hardee has done for the women's volleyball program.

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Caruso? He didn't even make the D3 playoffs.Need a D1 coach. Bollinger.

He has done some great things...Played a big role in getting Joe Mays and Steve Walker to NDSU back in the day. Was a solid OC at USD and has won three D3 coach of the year awards and took his team to the national title game last year. He is a proven successful head coach that knows the region.

Hey but go ahead and hire a guy that has never been a coordinator at any level...that really worked out for Minnesota and some guy named Tim Brewster.

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