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  1. Obviouy their AD was authorized too. I’m also wondering where the $5OK came from and why. Does the REA contract payment for tickets result in restricting UND playoff bids? Also, hosting home playoff games in the FCS is big for recruiting, both in getting potential recruits to game and for use in recruiting generally. Seems like bid amount should factor those benefits into the equation.
  2. The bid process requires a minimum bid, but obviously teams bid more than that. Also, the submitted bid is only the minimum the bidder has to pay. Once game is done and attendance/total take is known, the actual amount paid to NCAA may very well end up more (maybe much more) than the actual bid. In short, a $90K bid could turn out to be a $130K payment to the NCAA. So, if you estimate solidly that game revenue will be $160K, you may as well bid the $130K.
  3. CAS4127

    2018 Season

    Please no! Dear God!
  4. CAS4127

    2018 Season

    All 3 backs in at same time you say? Who would do such a thing? https://blogs.usafootball.com/blog/6204/check-out-how-north-dakota-state-s-diamond-power-read-has-contributed-to-the-bison-s-success
  5. Here you go: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865687708/Utah-football-opponent-North-Dakota-not-a-FCS-powerhouse-but-its-no-pushover-either.html
  6. You mean like UND fans and admins did when begging for a game against NDSU so your football team would have one week of relevance in the State during the season?
  7. Agreed, we stunk up the already smokey WaGriz stadium--I got nothin'!! If they do, they don't know football and have certainly never even been involved in try to tackle someone the size of Wentz. The only time they may have time is on from coming free on a blind-side blitz, you my guess is they be aiming high while chopping at the ball for a fumble Wrong, but not surprised.
  8. I wanted to see what the collective thoughts were here, as there had been mention of this (you can't deny that). We had a poster on BV that suggested, or actually flat out stated, that as long as everything is between the whistles and legal, as in allowable tackle, anything goes, including tackling someone low if there is a known ankle issue or going for a bad shoulder if there is a knows dislocation issue. My reply is that it was effing BS, dirty and cheap, even if all legal. I maintain my position.
  9. My first post in this thread was both informative and seeking thoughts. There was no trolling intended at all. The defensiveness of 83's quick responses tells me what I needed to know. And, IMO ... and IMO only, I thought R's shot on Johnson last year was a bit cheap. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but that is my position.
  10. It was way worse, and the NDSU play you are talking about was before the whistle at least.
  11. Weber could barely catch up/get to Wentz, so they didn't really have that option. Oh, and your previous post telling me to grow up. ONE OF YOUR VERY OWN ADMINS HERE SUGGESTED UND TO TAKE SHOTS AT WENTZ'S ANKLE, SO KMA!! Plus, your LB cheap-shotted MT's QB last year and knocked him out of play for several games. So, again, KMFA!!
  12. The majority of Wentz's rushing yards this year have come off of read option, not scrambles. He was on his game Saturday for sure, but not so much against MT. Also, he has a bit of problem with timing/touch on long/over the top balls, and we did not try any of those last Saturday. With respect to his ankle, there were no noticeable signs of any pain or problems Saturday. Here is the question I have for you guys: Knowing that Wentz had/has a bit of an ankle issue, will you purposefully try to tackle low when you would otherwise not do so? To me, that is dirty football. Would Bubba and staff actually suggest/promote that? I've heard that some on this board are suggesting that your staff should "coach" for shots at the ankle. Thoughts please . . .
  13. PASSING GP-GS Effic Cmp-Att-Int Pct Yards TD Long Avg/G Carson Wentz 15-15 152.9 213-336-10 63.4 2874 24 75 191.6 I'll continue to accept marginal FCS QB's like Wentz in the years to come. He quietly broke Jensen's season passing yards (NDSU record) on Friday night. And he has also ran for almost 700 yards.
  14. Good God!! The poster sarcastically or otherwise asked "how many road games we have won" during our last 3-4 NC runs. If he, you or anyone else here does not think the NC's were "road games", you can't be helped. It was only after I brought up the NC road wins that you guys started bringing up the neutral site/more fans stuff. Had that been mentioned by the poster I was responding to, this entire discussion would not exist. Again, Good effing God!! IOW, road games include neutral site games. How difficult is that to understand?! And I agree neutral site game and "away game at hostile site" are two different things, but they are both "road games", which was in fac the intitial question.
  15. This is quite accurate from what I saw/observed. I have to admit I was a bit surprised at how much the UND defense improved this year and I think it bodes well for you in the future. NDSU relied on its defense for several wins over the last 3-4 seasons. As I said over a year ago right here, if UND can become strong defensively and get back to the power football it ran back when (which is exactly what NDSU has done the last 5-6 years), UND will be a force in the Big Sky and will start making PO runs. Just because almost the entire Big Sky doesn't focus on D and or power run does not mean UND shouldn't. Winning "shows" better than just attempting to "put on a show" on the field.
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