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    Well the school did build him a new arena, practice facility, provided cost of attendance and is shelling out for charter flights to places like Macomb. His coaching has been above average at best but the school has given him whatever he has needed. Kind of makes the point about it being all about football dumb. The sports that struggle at NDSU are because of poor hiring decisions and not due to a lack of support. That said I think UND FB is in a similar spot, just bad hire after bad hire.The Bubba hire was just awful, he had a resume that screams nothing by mediocrity. A retread brought in simply because of the past. Your AD needs to look for some fresh blood.
  2. The Horizon is built around urban schools, WIU is about as far away from that as you can get. Macomb makes Vermillion look like Vegas. If WIU goes anywhere it will probably be a lower division. Nobody wants them, they are a struggling school that brings nothing to the table. As has been said before, the Summit will add a D2 school and the NCAA will give the league waivers until said school is eligible.
  3. Probably UNLV but he is visiting Iowa State tomorrow..he was probably one of the best recruits the Summit has gotten, three star from Kansas...Rabbit fans saying a JUCO they were looking at also may end up at UNLV.
  4. They lost their best player to graduation, their best recruit and now their best returning player....Quite the trifecta. Wonder if he ends up at UNLV?
  5. Now SDSU loses Jenkins....The league has been gutted of most of its top talent either by graduation or transfer....
  6. Well they get a night off if they win and play on what is pretty much a home court....SDSU is getting plenty.
  7. They don't really have much of an effect on our schools, I guess their will be some minor recruiting impacts with more competition in the region. It is a significantly bigger issue for the SD schools, who look like nothing but pushovers to whatever Sanford demands.
  8. Odd, I never think of that in regards to Jack Michaels. Just a guy trying to do a job that he loves.
  9. If anything Daum gets more calls in SF, the UND fans complaining haven't seen nothing yet. At least he isn't as bad as Richman, North Dakota coaching toliet bowl on Saturday.
  10. Yeah, GCU is pretty much the reason why Denver is in the Summit.
  11. Both JMU and Towson are in, they are playing for a seed. Elon might be in some trouble though since they had a cancelled game but the comittee might show them some mercy. CAA clearly going to get at least five in. I think the big game for UND next week is really Montana-MSU. You have the trump card on the griz.
  12. I think his posts were restricted due to his obsession with a certain school, then he had a meltdown and joined with up with lakes on his board. But after what he did at CS.com I don't think even lakes wanted him around.
  13. It was championshipsubdivision.com where he lost it, somebody gave him a Sioux avatar and then things got x-rated.
  14. I think that is JBB, best to ignore him.
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