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MSU at UND prediction


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This is a must win (and its only week 4). I'm interested to see how the entire team bounces back. Will there be any changes to the lineup since we had the bye week? Will some of these younger players start getting more reps? Will Adams finally be healthy enough to start getting reps?

Hoping to see the team bounce back. I would like to see some discipline and intensity for 4 quarters.

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cats offense is not as good as the jacks and certainly not as good as Montana.

cats defense will be similar to the jacks but i believe not as good.

cats injuries has really thinned them out.

now is the time for payback from the beating we took last year.

They still have a running back that tore us up last year and we have not proven we can stop the run for an entire game. I'm not comparing this game to anything other than our game with the Cats last year.

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Heart is telling me yes, but my head is saying no. At the end of the day, I need the defense to prove me wrong.

Montana State 42

North Dakota 31

head is telling me yes, heart is telling me no.

UND limps around for a while before turning it on in the second 38-34 UND.

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I think this game will really show whether Muss can right the ship. Before the Griz debacle I would give UND the edge since McGhee is out. After the Griz game I think Muss is probably one of those guys that is a decent coordinator or position coach, but not Head Coach material. After the kitties bought out NDSU, I would like to see UND put the spank on them. I am afraid MSU will win by better than 2 TDs.

On this game, I will be pulling for UND.

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If UND can come away with a win, it would show well for the coaching staff. The Montana game was tough on the players and coaches, as well as all supporters, and if Mussman can right the ship with a victory vs. MSU, then that will show well for Mussman's leadership.

Now, if UND loses, it just shows this team can't beat an MSU team desperately missing their starting QB, our defense is what it is, and perhaps the team is still in the dumps after the UM game.

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I've seen nothing to suggest the UND defense can stop a good offense. Maybe MSU is not a great offense without their QB, but I'm sure they will be good enough to run all over UND. And I wouldn't be surprised to see them pass all over UND, even with a backup QB. MSU 41, UND 20.

It'll be the only game I'll be at this year, so hopefully it's not a blowout.

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