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  1. Looking for 2 lower bowl tix to either Friday or Saturday's Western Michigan games.
  2. They come out in business suits tonight?
  3. This is why I hate Christmas break. All momentum lost ...
  4. The zebras are definitely controlling this game. Just come out and score early to shut these guys up!
  5. I'm still surprised that the goofs scored 3 goals....how?!
  6. The dude had these best one liners of all time. Hands down. My fav was "An escalator can never break: it can only become stairs. You should never see an Escalator Temporarily Out Of Order sign, just Escalator Temporarily Stairs. Sorry for the convenience."
  7. He's still my favorite but wasn't lucky enough to see him in person before he passed.
  8. What do I do....zipper it up quick? RIP Mitch Hedberg.....
  9. I'm not going to waste time going through this thread looking to see if someone has talked about it but are they not producing highlight clips of the games anymore. All I have seen from the UND athletics fb page are highlights of the Eastern Wash and Drake game???? I remember in past years they would have something produced 3 hours after the game....
  10. ibleedgreen

    ITS OVER!!!

    I always wondered what it would be like if all of those Hakstol "second half surge" seasons ended how they started......well now I know......2 years in a row.....
  11. On ice projection and updated center ice score board is all I can think of on ways to modernize it. That place is already perfect.
  12. They just need to learn how to hold a lead rather than relaxing.
  13. ISO 2 lower bowl tickets to the St Cloud series March 2nd and 3rd. Message me if you have any available.
  14. Only if Brian Jones was a hockey coach would he be able to coach for that long without being told to kick rocks.
  15. I agree...just wonder why it takes Berry so long to see this. All I can think of is that Thome must suck in practice.
  16. I get it that you have a love affair for Cam but you need to take your beer goggles off. He isnt the greatest goalie in the nchc. If he was he would be in the net tonight.
  17. No..not disagreeing with you but when you see the same results every night from Cam it doesnt hurt to mix it up a little and we all know Berry has a tough time doing that.
  18. And when Thome is in net there seems to be a different confidence level on the ice. Not sure what it is but maybe they rely on Cam too much.
  19. Rebounds wont hurt as much as letting the weak goals in from Cam.
  20. That last one was though...here we go Thome!
  21. Not talking about that goal...im talking in general.
  22. Cam and Fridays are not fabulous very often. Thome needs to start Fridays.
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