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  1. Sioux04


    Bubba's post-game interview was a mess. He looks so intimidated by the questions. All I got from it was how good/explosive ISU is and how prepared we were. Does this coaching staff ever take some blame? Time to clean house.
  2. Man, Ty Shannon's hit had me yelling and jumping around the living room. I loved his fire.
  3. Sioux04

    SH Game Day

    Schuster's whole performance was eye-popping if you ask me, given it was his first college action and the situation he was put in.
  4. Sioux04

    Onto Sam Houston

    Agreed! I hope the team moves forward with ferocity and gives the 'kats an ass whoopin'. I hope they're determined to get another crack at those SOB's in Fargo. Let's go! The fans treated me very well last year in Huntsville, so please be gracious hosts.
  5. Flagship- 31 State- 28 Defense has another four sacks one pick/ forced fumble. The FF Train rushes for 100+/ 1 TD.
  6. UND-45 Drake-10 highlighted by two takeaways (one for a TD) and six sacks for the UND defense.
  7. Pretty sure you contributed to that.
  8. Pretty sure the point of this thread is for the "useless" info the Bison fans provide. I like them here and it's fun to talk sh!t to your most hated rival; though I admit I mostly just take it all in.
  9. Yeah, not sure why they didn't just reel in the couple that ruined it. We need somewhere to get at each other, or threads like this will keep appearing.
  10. But Walter still isn't. He just doesn't cut it as a DI player.
  11. Exactly. That's completely on Rudy's inability to run the offense.
  12. Gives UND the obligatory props. Good experience for the team.
  13. I'm taking my son, coming from Sierra Vista.
  14. UND has been embarrassed in Idaho. That ends Saturday: UND-35 Idaho-24
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