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33 minutes ago, Rick said:

Yes, that's right.  Even back in the 90's, when their fans would use the excuse about older players, it was very close.  Some years we'd be older by just a little and other years they'd be older by just a little.

Sure on any given year that be the case.  My point was that UNDs recruiting strategy has always been a nice blend of blue chips and lower drafted player. They started to go more of the Denver route with a couple high end picks and back filled with over agers. The issue is that if you don’t get the high end kids you’re left with a lot of grinders (unless you find the diamond in the rough).  It’s great we’ll be pulling some high end Dmen this coming year.  I wish we would have hit on some forwards.  Weatherby/Hain could surprise though, you never know. 

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