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1:1 match for donations to UND FB


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20 minutes ago, Mama Sue said:

Thanks for letting us know!!! Go Sioux! I love when there is a match..... good job Alumni Foundation......

It's a good chance to give up to $20,000 (matched) for UND football priority needs - similar to the SiouxSports.com fundraiser that has been done the past couple years. 

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4 hours ago, Ozzie82 said:

I've not seen this reported anywhere, but the Englestad Foundation has given the football team funds to pay for summer classes for the players and some other items.

Good to hear.  Hopefully a renewed commitment to UND from them.

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4 hours ago, Mama Sue said:

Ok GOBC.... ante up... put your money where your mouth is today...

I agree, but last week I renewed my Champions Club membership and bought season tickets so I am tapped out for right now. I'm in for the next football priority fund!

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“Let each give as able and give from the heart” paraphrased... I have been meaning to donate but could not get a link or screwed up something other times... this time with the match I was determined to figure it out! Also, I wanted to go back and increase the donation one level and could not figure out how.... so I just decided to donate to all 3 equally. It was fairly easy to do!!

Again, great job alumni foundation....

Go Sioux

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2 hours ago, Sioux94 said:

Here is an idea.....change your screen name to Mr. Conceded.   Thank you however, for being able to dontae a bunch of money to UND. 


1 hour ago, Kab said:

Please donate because you want to and not because you have to

people who brag about what they give usually have a motive or want their name on something


I love hearing about it, big $$$.  I think it's awesome!! (although some sound skeptical here)  I often too freely talk about $$ and used to care what others thought and that was my mistake, caring what others thought!!  Keep it pouring in gfhockey!!

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